$149 Can Change Your Life Forever

6 Dec 2017 by ">Admin

From all your questions I got so far, I have noticed one thing that is common for most of my subscribers. You overthink things!

I get a lot of questions related to the price of my Gold Course and personal seasons. “Will they to pay off?” So, let me break down the cost vs the benefit of the Gold Course.

First of all, I am sure that most of your expenses on monthly basis are more than $100. You may pay for gas, food, rent, student loans and so on. Probably just your gym membership is less than $100.

On a list of your monthly expenses, my Gold Course would be somewhere on the bottom. But this course won’t cost you another $149 next month.

So, you pay for it once and use it for a lifetime. If you are patient and committed, this one-time small expanse can turn into a monthly income.

After more than 10 years in the business, I can say I am rich in every sense of the word. I help people who are on the bottom. I see them grow. I see them stand on their feet again. I see some of my former tenants with their own houses, families, cars and even group homes.The feeling is priceless!

This is not a course only about how to start your own business. This is a course that will teach you how to change your life. If someone told me that the life I desire will cost me $149, that would have sounded like one hell of a deal to me!

Overthinking is just useless. Things will come to you depending on how motivated, inspired, driven, committed, patient and ready you are. And things will come as soon as possible if you START NOW.

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  1. Hey my friend,
    I am glad I came across your website. It has been my desire to open and operate a Group Home, with my healthcare administration background.
    But my problem is the starting overhead cost. How or where can I get help from for the initial overhead cost? I currently work pay check -to- pay check. What I make from working, cannot sustain my family. Bills are up to my throat. How can you help me or where can I get help from?

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