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Our mission is to empower others by showing them how to not only make a living, but make a fortune by serving those in need. We do this by providing free content on our blog and website, as well as a free 10-part course on starting your own group home. In addition to free products and services, we also offer consulting services as well as group home specific information products.

Why Choose Us 1

Because we have walked the walk! It took over 10 years to figure out how to make a great living by running group homes. Although we looked all over the internet for information, we could never find any! We had to learn by trial and error. And as a result, we lost plenty of sleep and a lot of money to go with it. As the saying goes, pioneers get scalped, but settlers prosper! We definitely got scalped, but were fortunate to live through it. The reality is that there are multi-millionaire individuals and billion dollar companies operating within the adult-care home and group home industries….and as a result, they don’t want any more competition! So, go and try to find other information on how to run a group home or just stick with us. We will show you exactly what you need to do – and will get you there in no time flat!

Our Services 1

We offer individual and group coaching/consulting. We show people just like you how they can build a long-term sustainable business in the healthcare space by providing housing and related services for those in need. Whether you desire to provide group home living arrangements for veterans, the elderly, people with disabilities (or all three demographics) we will walk you step-by-step through what you must do in order to be successful. We also provide information products and “how to” guides for people looking to get started in the industry.


Our Philosophy 1

Our philosophy is that if we can show others how to make a wonderful living operating group homes, care homes, assisted living’s and every other niche within this much needed space – then we will not only be able to make people like you wealthy, but we will also help those in need find a great place to live. As of January 2015, it is estimated that the homeless population is over 650,000 and of that, nearly 80,000 are disabled vets. If we can simply help take 10 more people off the streets and into a group home each year, we will have achieved our goal.

Our Talented Team

We Are Ready to Help You! Learn how to gain the knowledge you need to succeed! Thousands of others just like you have signed up for the free-10-part course and are building the life of their dreams……

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We Are Ready to Help You! Learn how to gain the knowledge you need to succeed! Thousands of others just like you have signed up for the free-10-part course and are building the life of their dreams……

  • Andy and Ian helped me get this business started about 6 months ago. The first group home cost me about $1,250 to get up and going – but they showed me how to do it for nothing out of pocket! I am working on securing my second property to lease and operate within the next month and my long term goal is to use Andy’s system to buy the real estate as well! Thanks for the help!

  • As a medical professional, I had seen that there was always a need for housing many of the psychiatric patients that came into our office on a daily basis. Most of them simply just needed a stable environment to live and someone to remind them to stay on their meds. I searched and searched and finally stumbled across Mr. Rothschild’s site – and am so glad I did. I currently have 35 clients that I am working with on a monthly basis – and each one pays me $525/month. This is truly the most amazing business! I feel like I am making a difference every day – and the best part is that I get paid to do it.

  • Andy! Where do I start?? You and your website have been a Godsend. After ordering your book I decided to move forward with the consulting and boy was it worth it! You had already told me everything I needed to do in the book, but speaking with you every week for 45 minutes was really the motivation that I needed. As you know, I am about to open up my second group home – and hopefully (per your suggestion) I can use your business plan to finance AND OWN my next home. I love this business!