Are You Capable of Being the Best?

29 May 2017 by ">Admin

Success is mindset you need to be the best. And if you ever doubt this statement take a look around you.

Here is a simple example. Every year we see amazing performances at The Voice. But only a few individuals end up making a great career and worldwide fame. And what most people would say is: “I can’t believe why such talent isn’t getting enough recognition!”

But I want you to stop and think:

Are going to be Rihanna or somebody who makes people feel pity because the world is not giving you enough recognition?

Success comes out of making a place for you at the top.

And here is how most successful people reserved their spot among the best:

1. They believe in themselves

Long story short, you have to convince yourself before the others.

When I invested into my first Group Home, I already saw myself successfully running many of them. At that time I was part of a corporate America, working a job that I hate. But regardless my situation I knew that I will be able to quit my job and turn Group Homes into a full-time job. So I didn’t just hope. I had a vision and I took an action. And here I am now successfully running more than 100 Group Homes together with my team.

2. They are Goal-Orientated

Every successful individual has a plan on how to turn thoughts into things. Once the big picture is painted, you need to get specific. Think of it as a puzzle and divide it into small pieces. Action by action the pieces will start to find their match and transform the visualization into realization.

3. They Work Hard

Every successful person that I know works long hours. Or at least used to.

Back in the days, I would wake up at 3 AM every morning in order to balance between my full-time job and my idea to run a Group Home. It took be about 10 years to get in a position to work smart. My team and I transformed our 10 years of hard work into smart and efficient books and courses. We have the greatest secrets that we picked along the way ready for you. And you are so lucky because all you have to do is jump into action!

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4.They are Persistent

In the brilliant mind of the achiever, failure is not an option. Namely, failure is only an opportunity to master your way to the top. And persistence is what overcomes most of the challenges on the way.

Ask yourself how many millionaires have you heard of that made their fortune overnight? In fact, according to many successful million dollar stories, it takes about 10 years to succeed at something.

It took me 10 years to figure out how to make a great income by running group homes. At that time I barely had sources guide me. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from building the business empire I own today.

5.They Take Risks

Billionaire Richard Branson is well known for the risks he likes to take. Until this date, he started more than 100 businesses and most of them were outrageously successful. But, at least 15 of them have failed.

The entrepreneur once said: “You’ve got to take risks if you are going to succeed. I would much rather ask forgiveness than permission.”

As a result of his ability to turn risks into a great success, his business has become a case study in risk diversification at many business schools around the globe.

Namely, great minds like him sense an opportunity where others sense fear. And we already talked about how fear is costing you $ 200 000 a year.

6. They are constantly learning

Success-oriented people are aware that if they are not getting better, they are only getting worse. Therefore, they are feeling a constant need for improvement.

According to St. John, the author of the book 8 Traits Successful People Have in Common “ Continuous improvement means getting good at something, then getting better, and then aiming to be our best”

So, are you capable of being the best?

Because if you are, we would be glad to guide your way to the top. So, don’t hesitate to ask us how we made it!

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