Coaching Call Summary #2 – Starting With Big Dreams and No Capital

10 Mar 2017 by ">Admin

Starting a group home is not just for the wealthy by any means. There are everyday people running group homes all around this country. This call was inspiring, and I decided to summarize it so that you could learn from its key lessons. There are so many people who have pushed off helping others because they claim to have no capital. When we get to talk, they are shocked to learn what it takes to start a group home if you know what to do and know where to look. Sometimes it can be so simple that it seems too easy and in some sense, if you are willing to work hard at the right things, it is easy. Make sure you listen to Coaching Call Summary #1 as well.


Remember This When Starting With No Capital

Rome was not built in a day. Not having money is a lame excuse not to start a business when we have proof all around us of entrepreneurs who went from nothing to something. They didn’t have funding, grants, investors or any hand me downs from rich uncles.

Many entrepreneurs have made their businesses work out of SHEER WILL! That means that they were able to bite down and do the hard tasks well. One of the first steps for anyone starting a group home is to get out into the community.

Meet With:

  • Churches
  • Social Workers
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • The YMCA
  • Nurses
  • Case workers
  • Parole officers

Doing these things is FREE and will end up making you a lot of money, BUT it is the type of hard work that people typically do not like to do. It is unpredictable, and you can be rejected, and that can be scary for many.

Finding a landlord to negotiate with, or finding a business partner can be scary and much outside your comfort zone. If you want to change your financial situation, these are the things you must start doing. Success is not handed to those who are undeserving! You MUST work DAILY to increase your value and how much you deserve.





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