Diversify or Die

13 Jun 2017 by ">Admin

There is this amazing book “Diversify or Die” by Eric Guthrie that inspired me to write this post.

The dynamics of the nowadays market requires everybody to diversify. Diversification is not only for entrepreneurs or companies but for people who work full-time jobs also.

Roughly speaking most traditional small businesses and even people who work for other people hardly ever diversify. This is the main reason why when a recession strikes we have so many people who lose control over their life and finances. Even when a major change in the market occurs the consequences are fatal for them.

My uncle used to run a printing business. For years the business was working very well and my uncle was the one who provided for the family. With the expansion of the internet, people started to use online marketing as a way to promote their services and products. After a while, hardly ever companies and people needed their ads printed. Online ads are consistent, printed ones appear and shortly after that they end up in the trash can. My uncle lost the game with technology.

His son had to stop the studies to help his family get back on their feet again. They almost ended up on the streets because the real estate market was bad plus they couldn’t afford their big house anymore.

Seeing my closest family suffer made me learn an important lesson:


Everything might be perfect at the moment but you never know when the economy will get worse or somebody else will come up with something better than your product or service.

On the other hand, diversification might be a risky strategy for small business because they might spread their resources too thin and lose everything.

What this has to do with group homes?

Group homes are an excellent alternative for diversification. You could be a 9-5 worker, you could be a company owner, anything that you could imagine and group homes would still be the best way to secure your future.

This is why:

– You need very little resources to get started compared to other businesses
– You could totally have another job
– People always need a place to stay
– Your rent is cheap, so your tenants won’t leave you for a cheaper alternative in case of crisis

I don’t want you to go through the agony of losing control over your life because you got fired or your business failed. You don’t have to sacrifice the good life of your family or the education of your children. I want to teach you how you can have control regardless the external conditions.

Remember the great recession 7-8 years ago? In the period from 2008 to 2010, roughly 9 million people lost their jobs. To most corporate employees their full-time job was the only source of income they had. In worst cases, entire families ended up on the streets.



I started my group home business back in 2007. My colleagues from corporate America were terrified when the company started to fire people because of the recession. Some of them became anxious and depressed. I wasn’t worried at all. Because I had a great monthly passive income from my group home that could carry me through the crisis. While my colleagues were hoping for mercy from the company, I quitted my job.

You need to have control over your life regardless the external conditions. You deserve to live the good life 24/7!

I want you to choose the best way to diversify so bad! In order to prove you, I still haven’t changed the unbeatable price of $149 for our Gold Course. Our Gold Course is the ultimate program that will teach you everything you need to know about opening and running a group home. You don’t need to lose a minute searching for the right answers. You could start at this very moment.

Having a complete control over your finances in times of crisis has never been cheaper! Economists say that the next recession will strike somewhere in late 2019. I can’t say anything for sure but I’d rather be prepared than leave things to chance. For only $149 you could learn how to fully prepare and overcome periods of crisis without major consequences.

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