Hakuna Matata Group Homes!

26 Jun 2017 by ">Admin

You know what’s Hakuna Matata! A problem-free philosophy! So are the group homes!

Most people start a group home as a side business. On the other hand, most companies don’t encourage their employees to have a side business. In the worst case scenario, they prohibit them.

They might question your loyalty and your performances even if you are an excellent employee.

If you decided to start a side business you probably wonder should you tell your boss or not.

There isn’t a correct answer to this question. If your company allows side businesses but doesn’t encourage the idea it’s probably better to keep your side business as a secret.

There are 2 important reasons why:

1. Any issue with your performance might be addressed to your side business.

2. During layoffs, you might be the first on the list because the company may consider that you have other means of survival.

If you want to ditch your job once your side hustle gets going it’s definitely better to keep it as a secret.

Anyway, we can’t exclude the possibility your boss to find out about your side business.

With so many possible problems in the way, you are probably curious why I referred to group homes as a problem-free philosophy.

This is why:

1. Group homes generate monthly passive income and don’t require much activity from your side. Your boss can’t address any issue with your performance to your side business.

2. Group Homes aren’t considered as a competition to any corporate business.

3. Group Home is like renting a property. A lot of people with full-time jobs rent part of their house or other property they own and their employers are totally fine with this.

You can quit your full-time job after you open your third group home. And until then you have no reason to worry!

After you open your first group home and run it for a while, money will pile up in your bank account every month. This allows you to expand and open your second and your third one.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can ditch your 9-5 and be your own boss!

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