How to Start a Group Home For Special Needs Adults?

In creating and starting a group home for special needs adults, one of the first things you should do is determine who your target audience is going to be. The following is a list of potential target markets that you would or could provide housing and related services for:

1. Adults with special needs, more specifically, brain trauma.

In the United States, very year more than 1.7 Million people receive some type traumatic brain injury. This TBI (traumatic brain injury) can stem from a fall, car accident, an assault related incident or other physical injury. The sad fact is that roughly 18% of all brain trauma related incidents happen to children between 0 to 4 years of age. Because of this, the population of individuals suffering from TBI is increasing on a yearly basis. These people often do not have a place to call home or anywhere to live. They need someone like you to start a group home for this specific demographic. This could be a great option for you.

2.Start a group home for special needs adults with depression.

People with depression is another sub-niche within the special needs community. Although it may not seem like a large market, roughly 5% of the population suffers from some form of depression. You may then decide to create a group home for those suffering from depression – and along with the housing portion, you may decide to provide additional and ancillary services such as outpatient therapy, emotional therapy, equine therapy, nutritional counseling and supplementation and many more options that can assist in adding to not only your bottom line, but your clients well-being.

3. Start a group home for disabled veterans.

Yet another potential target market that is in extreme high demand. Did you know that the US Department of Veterans Administration estimates that over 58,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Do you see the impact that you could make on your community by starting a group home for special needs adults that are veterans? You would literally become famous in your community for doing so. The United States needs people like you to help out by starting group homes for those who are less fortunate.

Market your services to the particular demographic.

Once you have decided on your particular niche, more specifically, what niche you are going to target, you need to locate referral sources. Assuming you decided upon the start to provide housing for people with Brain Trauma related injuries, one of the best places to start would be the local Brain Injury Association. For example, let’s assume you live in Missouri. If you do, you could visit the Brain Injury Association of Missouri in St. Louis. Organizations such as this provide referrals and resources for those in the community. If you had a relationship with this organization, you would get them to put your organizations name on a list of “housing providers” which would then serve as a marketing resource for you. Similarly, if you decided to start a group home for disabled veterans, you could simply make your marketing flyer and go to the local VA. Simply introducing yourself and your services of being a group home provider would be a great step in the right direction. Within no-time, you could be helping out a group of 5 – 10 veterans in your recently opened group home. Not only would you be making money and supporting yourself, you would be providing a truly amazing service for your community.

If you are looking for additional information on how to start a group home, halfway home, transitional living home, sober home, foster home, ICF/MR home, DADS Home or other type of care home for people with disabilities; check out our free course on starting your very own income-generating group home.