How To Start A Transitional Housing Program For Veterans

The following is a step-by-step guide to starting a transitional housing program for veterans. Do you want to help out the community and those that have served the country? Well, this is the best place to start!

Step 1. Locate a home

Step 2. Furnish it

Step 3. Create marketing flyers offering your services. Tell the people what you have to offer

Step 4. Pass out your flyers where veterans are. The best place is the local VA office

Step 5. Network, network and network more. If you can touch base in person with 10 people per week for 6 weeks, you will have met 60 people. If those 60 people are caseworkers, social workers, Veteran Affairs officers and others in the community that are serving the veterans – they will begin sending you referrals!

Step 7. Meet with the veterans at your home

Step 8. Sign leases or contracts (or simply do no-contract on a month-to-month basis)

Step 9. Collect the rent and manage the house

Step 10. RINSE AND REPEAT! Get out there and network more and locate another home!

Yes, this maybe a simple illustration and example, but this is basically what needs to get done in order for the average person to begin serving the community and making a nice living by starting a transitional housing program for veterans. Just think, you could be the person that the community surrounds when veterans return from overseas and need a place to live. Your role as a community activist and provider of housing for veterans is a noble profession….and you can be the one that does it.



So what other information do you need in order to start? For one, find a mentor. If you can find someone that has already done this, you will reduce your potential for errors dramatically. #2, get on the phone and call up your local VA! Tell them exactly what you are looking to do. Remember, this is a government agency and many of the people you speak with may not completely understand or may not be able to assist. Rest assured, if you continue looking and continue calling people at the VA, you will eventually find someone that can assist. And when you find that person the flood-gates will open. Just make sure that you have at least one home at that point in time, because they will have plenty of veterans for you to house!

The last and final pointer we have for you is make sure that you TRULY want to do this. You need to have a big WHY. You need to not only want to help others, but really be a community resource. You also want to make sure that you are excited with the opportunity to have a safe and steady means of income going forward. Remember, the more reasons you have for doing this….the better off you will be!

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