If You Can’t Get Passed Rejection Quit Now

12 Apr 2017 by ">Admin

No one goes on to succeed without first passing through strong rejection. No one is exempted to this rule. You have a dream of starting a group home. You can picture all the people you are helping and all of the money you are making but do you understand what it takes to get there? Do you know that nothing great comes easy? Well, it is time you fight for what you want. The reason why few people create the life they want is because they stop fighting. They stop putting in the work because someone told them no. Anyone who decides to start a group home runs into this issue.

You Will Never Make It If You Expect Easy

Everyone is looking for money, but no one is looking for the work it takes to get there. When you decide that you wanted to start a group home, you’re going to venture out and speak with some of the case workers, and do you know what they are going to do? They are probably going to deny you. They have other things going on in their life, and frankly, they are not too worried about you. Persistence pays.

The man who went on to manage Elvis Presley had to call every day for a year just to get the opportunity to do so. EVERY DAY HE PICKED UP THE PHONE AND MADE THAT CALL TO GET WHAT HE WANTED.

95% of people who say they want to start a group home quit when the first person denies them. They send an email that goes something like this. “Andy, I just went and spoke with ____, and they said they wouldn’t help me, they said I need a license or that they don’t need me. I don’t want to do this anymore.

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Rejection Weeds Out The Weak

Remember that there must be rejection because it acts as a gatekeeper to success. If you’re going to be successful, you have to grind past the no because most people will NOT DO IT! They will get one no crawl back to their car, drive back to their secure job and keep living an average life until some magical money that is never coming just drops in their lap. You can’t be that person.

If you’re reading this and you realize you are that person…


You have to have a change of heart, or else you will never make it to the promised land. There is much promised to those who are persistent and diligent in their work. There is much promised to those who walk on faith and not on sight. Don’t you want what is promised to you? Or are you going to let one two letter word keep you stuck in the same place for another decade? The best thing is that the choice is yours. We can’t control what we are born with but we are DAMN sure that we can control what we end with. Our entrepreneur course inside of our membership will give you everything you need to know to power through to your dreams.

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