I’ll Teach You How To Make Money And Have Fun!

12 Jun 2017 by ">Admin

I just came back from my 3rd vacation this year. In 5 months I was on 3 ten-day vacations. I know for sure that most of you wish to have more time to do fun things in your life. So, I’ll teach you how to have fun while making money.

I didn’t realize how good life can be until I left corporate America. I can have fun and make money at the same time now!

You only get one life and unfortunately, you won’t live forever. Yet, most of you would spend 8 hours at a job that doesn’t make you happy plus 1-2 hours to go back and forth. Even when you have the money, do you feel like doing anything after a long stressful day at work?

I wanted to enjoy my life to the fullest so I decided that I need to find a way to earn monthly passive income and spend most of my time doing things that I like.

That’s how I decided to start a group home. I needed about 3 group homes to quit my job and have more fun. Each group home makes $2000-$3000 per month. Part of that would go on expenses and the rest is a monthly passive income that pays for the pleasures.

I have so much fun now for less! I get the best deals for flights and hotels. When I was a full-time employee, I had to plan 5-6 months in advance. I never scored a deal in the past! Whenever I spot a great deal now I just go for it. This year I went in Cancun, Aruba, and Hawaii.

You deserve to have more fun in your life. And I have made the Gold Course so I can teach you on how to make passive money and get active in life! For only $149 you can learn how to do more of what you love and none of what you hate.

If you are really serious about this, you can get to a point when you can have as much fun as you want and your awesome monthly income will pay for it. I have the price of $149 for the Gold Course because I want you to enjoy life to the fullest for less!

The only thing that I regret now is that I was hesitating for too long.

You don’t have to make the same mistake!

The sooner you start, the sooner you’d be able to do more of what you love!

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4 responses to “I’ll Teach You How To Make Money And Have Fun!”

  1. My reason to start a group home is that my son need a place to live. He has a brain injury , epilepsy. This sound all easy and simple but I know the reality. My son just l I’ve in a group home for just regular people. My son has substance abuse problems which led to a suicide attempt. I am an RN. I know these populations of people have drug and alcohol problems. How are these people’s love managed? I see this a problem. I have seen group homes.bi have been a home health RN. I am a certified case manager. Even veterans have substance abuse problems, ptsd. This , I don’t see as an all easy business. I suppose it depends on 5he population you target but this would not be an easy business. The people in the homes have needs. Do You Have More information.

    • Pam –

      You are correct! The hardest part of any business is the PEOPLE! Look, manufacturing companies in the mid-west are having a HUGE problem right now with the OPIOD epidemic. People show up to work HIGH. Yes, High. How about apartment complexes – you dont think that affordable income properties have troublesome residents? You bet they do! Any business you operate will have its challenges. This business is just like all the rest. It is not easy – but if you set your systems up correctly, it is an AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE that spits out money on a monthly basis….ALL WHILE HELPING THOSE THAT NEED IT MOST!

      Tell me your thoughts.

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