What is the Re-Entry Program & How to start a group home for these clients?

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How to Start a Re-Entry Group Home Program?

When people are looking to start a business, they often look for things that are in need. As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Well, if you look around your community, you may realize that someone you know may have at one point in time been in jail. Often times, non-violent offenders go to jail for a variety of reasons. It could be something as simple as unpaid parking tickets, or something more serious like drinking and driving. Often times, these people do not have a place to live after getting out of jail due to the fact that they have not needed a place to live for a while (due to incarceration) and also may not have any money due to being in jail…Can anyone see or smell opportunity of a re-entry group home? The opportunity to help others while helping yourself?

Re-Entry Program housing – How to provide housing in a group home, transitional living or halfway home environment and make a bundle doing it.

What exactly is re-entry housing?

Man leaving jail to enter group home re-entry program

Each year 700,000 people – YES FOLKS, 700,000 people! — get out of jail. In the interim, 9 Million cycle through jails. This niche within the housing sector is in huge demand and the government is willing to pay you big bucks to help them out. Help them out in what capacity you maybe asking? Simple, provide drug free housing for these ex-offenders and let the government send you a check each and every month for doing so.

For example, in Louisiana, roughly 1 in 86 people is in Jail. Just imagine how many people are coming out of jail each and every day looking for a place to stay? Just imagine how you could change their lives and help them if you wound up providing housing for them? But this isn’t just in Louisiana, this is literally across every city throughout the United States. People leaving jails are in need of re-entry housing – they are actively looking for transitional living homes, sober homes, halfway homes and other group homes in your city where they can live.

So How Do I Start a Halfway Home for the Re-Entry Program?

The process for setting up a re-entry home or care home, transitional living home, sober home or group home for people leaving state or federal jails is quite simple. In fact, the set-up is nearly the same as when you set up a standard group home for other niche markets. The short of it is:

  • Lease or rent a home or building
  • Purchase furniture
  • Purchase televisions
  • Turn on utilities
  • Market your property EFFECTIVELY to your local jails and community organizations!

Although the above may sound easy, we all know that everything is easier said (or written) than done. The above will take time…but not that much time and it really won’t cost a bunch of money if you follow the advice you will receive on the grouphomeriches.com website. How much you may be wondering? Well, let’s just say that it is possible to get your group home or transitional living home up and going for less than $500. Yes, less than $500 and you could easily be generating $4,000 – $6,000 / month in Gross Rents in no-time flat.

Do You Want More?

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