Why Now is The Time to Start Group Homes

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We have seen this scenario play out many times before. You decide that you want to change your life for good. You start looking for ways to do this, and you come across the niche real estate industry of creating group homes, retirement homes, etc. and decide that you want in. You start reading and researching, and your desire to change just gets larger and larger. The problem is that researching is the first step, but it is not the last step. You have to go and take action, and I want to make sure that you do just that. There is no time better than the present to start group homes.

““You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

The difference between those who go on to succeed and those who fail is their ability to take massive action. Right now is your time to start doing this. If you want to create a six-figure passive income for yourself, you need to be ready to take our mentorship, but then you need to listen and do something with the information.

There are people out there who have read every single Tony Robbins book, they have been to all of the seminars, and they memorize many of his quotes. Yet their lives remain the same. Why is this? It is because they have tricked themselves into thinking that just learning is enough. Learning is important, and it is the first step but doing is the second phase that you can’t forget.


Which Horse Are You?

Take some time to reflect on your life right now. Which of the following sounds like you?

Are you the horse that is led to water and you drink it all up?

Or are you horse that is led to water and won’t drink until you are dehydrated?

Lastly and least, are you the horse that is led to water and dies from a refusing to drink?
We all fall into one of these categories for different areas of life. Finances are a hard thing to talk about, so we often hide from the truth of our finances. We build an image of ourselves that makes us feel like we are ok when deep down inside we are thirsty for knowledge.

If you typically are the horse that is led to a body of water and does not drink right away we are going to change this. The only way to be successful is if we learn and make changes at the moment. Every week we come across countless people who are hungry to change their life, but the reality is they don’t have the guts to start group homes. Talking about it makes them feel better because it gives hope that one day things will change. The only way things change is if we make them change.


Learn From The Right Mistakes


“We all learn from mistakes, but we learn much easier and faster when we learn from other people’s mistakes.” – Warren Buffet


We are giving you all of these resources at Group Home Riches like this free course, the membership, and our books. We do this so that you DON’T make the mistakes that we made. Otherwise, you are going to make COSTLY mistakes on your own.


You have an opportunity to change your life today! You’re here because you understand that there is tremendous potential in this industry. Take advantage of it! For once, be one of the people who is a leader in a hot industry instead of trying to tag on when it is much harder to get in.


The Ego Won’t Let You Drink

The second reason that you won’t drink the water right away is that your ego will not allow you to. Nothing destroys dreams like a massive ego. Your ego will tell you every lie in the book.

  • I can do this on my own
  • I don’t need help
  • This is probably a scam
  • I already know what I need to do

Have you said some of these things before only to look back a year later and see that your life is still in the same place? It stops today! You have to drop the ego and get yourself to a place where you just want to absorb everything like a sponge. Otherwise, you better hope your ego can afford to lose out.



The Time is Now to Start Your Group Homes

Group Homes are hot right now. Not because of the money, but because there is a serious demand for group homes. Think about it, you yourself have felt the cost of living go up. Everything is getting more costly but your earning are not increasing to match this.

Imagine how this feels for someone who has spent the last five years in jail, or a child who has no one to take care of them? How could this feel for the baby boomer who thought they saved enough and now needs a cheap place to live? Imagine how this feels for the mentally ill person who needs help?

The industry is exploding right now because our world needs help right now more than ever. Luckily you love to help people and you want to help yourself at the same time. These people need to live somewhere so why can’t you be the person to help them and make money for doing so? Would you rather wait for someone else in your community to have the guts to do it? Would you rather someone else come along and make that extra money per month. Are you going to watch others take action while you sit there and make excuses? I don’t know think so! The time to take this serious and take action is right now.


Get Started Now


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