How to Stop Worrying About Money?

Just get rich! Seriously, there is no better way!

First of all, I eat, sleep and live significantly better since I got rich. I also worry less, especially about small things that most people worry about every day.

About 11 years ago I stayed in an average hotel in Santa Barbara. During my checkout, the gentleman at the front desk informed me that I made a huge stain on the wall in my room and they will have to charge me for the damage.

I barely stayed in the room and I was pretty sure that I had nothing to do with the stain. Maybe the housekeeping lady accidentally stained the wall. Anyway, the guy insisted that I have to cover the damage.

This literally ruined my vacation. I was saving for so long to afford a decent family vacation and any unexpected expense was a reason to worry about.

On the other hand, If this happened today I wouldn’t bother at all. If I end up being charged I can easily afford it.

Now I earn money even while I am sleeping. I earn monthly passive income from my group home business and the money keeps rolling in no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Not to mention that something like this would never have happened at the expensive resorts I spend my vacations now.

That’s why I enjoy being rich. I don’t have to worry about irrelevant things such as where to dine in, where to park or when the flight tickets are the cheapest. Being rich saves a lot of time and effort.

Back in the days, I would spend hours reading reviews and thinking if a certain online course, program or book is worth the money. I just don’t care now. I will buy it and determine myself.

I transferred the formula that made me rich into an online course. I don’t want every single little problem to ruin your day. I want you to have more awesome days like I do!

I am so grateful for the amazing life I have now and I feel that is my obligation to make your days better.

I’ll do my best to make this happen, are you in?

Coaching Call Summary #2 – Starting With Big Dreams and No Capital

Starting a group home is not just for the wealthy by any means. There are everyday people running group homes all around this country. This call was inspiring, and I decided to summarize it so that you could learn from its key lessons. There are so many people who have pushed off helping others because they claim to have no capital. When we get to talk, they are shocked to learn what it takes to start a group home if you know what to do and know where to look. Sometimes it can be so simple that it seems too easy and in some sense, if you are willing to work hard at the right things, it is easy. Make sure you listen to Coaching Call Summary #1 as well.

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No Capital For Your Group Home? Learn to Negotiate

“When it comes time to negotiate, he who cares less wins.” – Unknown

We feel your pain. You want to start a group home, help others and make a lot of money but you just need the capital to start right? It is such a crappy feeling when you know you can succeed at something, but you just have one thing in the way. The good news is that we can overcome that one thing. The bad news is that the one thing that is in the way is you and your ability to negotiate.

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