Diversify or Die

There is this amazing book “Diversify or Die” by Eric Guthrie that inspired me to write this post.

The dynamics of the nowadays market requires everybody to diversify. Diversification is not only for entrepreneurs or companies but for people who work full-time jobs also.

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What Type of Group Home Do I Start With?

Group Home

The type of group home you decide to start with first matters more than you know. The reason is the that not all group homes are equal in what it requires in order to start them. Some come with more regulation, rules, restrictions, guidelines and all of these things bring more expenses. We teach people how to start “mom and pop” shops that do not require licenses simply because not everyone can afford to go through that process until they have a few going already.It can be upwards of $20,000 to do it.

We know what you are thinking, you probably spoke with someone and they said you need a license. In the important Documents section of our Gold Membership, we teach people how to use the Fair Housing Act to protect your house from any legal troubles. Not only have we used this with our homes for years but we have taught others to do the same.

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Buy Or Rent Your First Group Home?

Do I Need To Own The Property to Start My First Group Home?

This is another very common question, and honestly a matter that keeps most people out of business and therefore out of money and without the ability to help people! Folks, what are you doing! You need to get creative. This is America! If you don’t have money, use your mind! Find others with the money you need or get creative and figure out how to do it without any of your funds….let’s dive into this in more detail.

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