How Much Can I Make With Group Homes? Hint: Try $70 Million

How Much Can You Make With Your Group Home Empire? Here is one that just sold for $70,000,000  

Good Morning! I wanted to add some inspiration to get your TUESDAY started on the right track.

Many of you ask me, “Andy, How Much Is My Business Worth? Other ask, “How Much Can I make With Group Homes?”

The quick and short answer is however much someone is willing to pay. That said, just like we discussed interest rates the other day, I want you to understand that all businesses and real estate are priced based on how much income they will bring in over time. That is why the second part of the above question is so important. “How Much Can I make With Group Homes?” To reiterate… is all about the INCOME that the asset will produce over time


Absolutely. That is why I included the data from PitchBook above. On the left side, you will see the Company Name – D&S Residential – and you will notice that it was acquired by Comvest for $70,000,000. Yes, This GROUP HOME OPERATING BUSINESS was sold for $70 MILLION.

Look, I am not telling you this is Warren Buffett or Carlos Slim money. Its a drop in the bucket for them. But for the average UBER WEALTHY person, this is a lot of SCRATCH.

D&S Residential started off just like many of you are starting off right now. With 1 home.

In fact, I actually personally know the first banker that financed them. A small little bank about 80 miles North of San Antonio TX and 25 miles southeast of Austin. Yes, the owner started with 1 Home.


1. Group Homes Produce Income. Businesses are sold based on the income they will produce over time. How much can I make with Group Homes truly is the question. And the answer equates to the price

2. 98% of people start small. The owner of D&S started with 1 home!

3. The owner of D&S invested in himself and obtained knowledge. Just like compound interest, he added to his knowledge base each and every day by reading and studying. Whether it was a course like the GOLD COURSE, or going to industry conferences, he INVESTED IN HIMSELF everyday

4. You need to understand the potential and have a vision. As the Old Book says, “without vision, the people will perish”

5. Anything is possible! Look, D&S didn’t turn into a $70,000,000 company overnight. It took effort and focus.

6. HE STARTED! HE TOOK MASSIVE ACTION! The owner of D&S did not waste time. He knew the opportunity was HUGE and he wasted no time. He too asked himself the question, “How much can I make with group homes?” and he obviously found the answer 🙂

I encourage you to WASTE NO TIME……

If you want to get started in the GROUP HOME
 business, assisted living, care home, transitional home ICF MR Home or other…….

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The Famous George Strait (Jeff Bezos’ Cousin) once said a life living is worth living well. I say, you need to ask yourself how to Vacation Well And Create Money With Group Homes in order to get “Livin’ Well”…..

Which leads me to a thought…

A long time ago, one of my mentors told me the following:

  “One Mans Trash Is Another Mans Treasure”

I listened. Why? Because the guy was worth probably $30,000,000 (Back then) and lived in a beautiful home (even he admits personal residences are liabilities)

I bring this up this morning because as I sit writing this in Napa Valley, it is ever apparent. I just looked at my phone and reviewed photos of a dilapidated property that I just acquired for probably $0.20 on the dollar……Yet here I am looking at this view


How to start a group home and vacation when you want
How to start a group home and vacation when you want


Yet all of this beauty is provided to me through properties like this:

Group Home Fix Up
Group Home Fix Up foreclosure
Buy Distressed Real Estate For Income
How to buy Distressed Real Estate For Income

  You See, This property was one mans trash…..AND I TURNED IT INTO MY TREASURE 
(You can see photos and a blog post of it here)

This Trash is Actually Treasure

A treasure that allows me to spend a week in the early part of February in one of the most beautiful places in the entire United States.

$300 dinners, wine, private limos, private wineries and 5 Star Resorts where the rich and famous live and play. Lebron James was here a few weeks ago. $10,000,000 – $20,000,000 Million Dollar homes line the hills.

I owe this lifestyle and the riches and experiences that it provides for my wife and family to my business acumen, more specifically real estate and the
                          INCOME GENERATING POWER OF GROUP HOMES. 

You seeregular real estate sounds great. People can brag. I own X dollars of real estate. It sounds great on paper. And if they sell (assuming they purchased correctly) their overall pops can be tremendous. But with capitalization rates as low as they are, someone with a $100,000,000 million empire may actually not have that much money coming in. You see, a 5 Cap building with a 4% interest (and principal) expense doesn’t leave much room. I will write on this topic at another time ( I actually know of people with $200,000,000 Real Estate Portfolios that don’t make any money)

But a $30,000 home with 8 beds and a house manager could yield you the following:

Revenues:                       $4,800
Utilities:              $500
TV/Phone:         $100
Food:                 $350
Rent:                  $500
Other:                 $500
TOTAL EXPENSE           $1,950
MONTHLY NET INCOME:               $2,850



For most of my subscribers, 2 or 3 homes will set you free. Free to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want.

  • Want to come to Napa for a few weeks? Go for it.
  • Go to Maui for a Few Weeks? Go for it.
  • Argentina for a few months? GO FOR IT.The process takes time to get up and going and will not provide you with $50,000,000 capital gains like a 1000 unit MF portfolio very well may.BUT, it will provide you with the cashflow lifestyle that I teach people how to create….

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The best part about this business is that you really don’t need any money.

  • You don’t need credit
  • You don’t need to talk with bankers
  • You Don’t need to put together financial statements

Those are all prerequisites when you want to buy a $20,000,000 asset.

However this business can be done with little to nothing.

You don’t need to own. You can rent the property to get started. Later down the line, I will teach you how to ramp up your game and build wealth through the acquisition of real property….but for now, LEARN HOW TO GET FREE. FREEDOM  is the name of the game.

And for most people, $3,000 – $6,000 per month of passive income will do the trick.

Want to learn how to do this? Follow a free, 10-step course and get started NOW. 

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Hakuna Matata Group Homes!

You know what’s Hakuna Matata! A problem-free philosophy! So are the group homes!

Most people start a group home as a side business. On the other hand, most companies don’t encourage their employees to have a side business. In the worst case scenario, they prohibit them.

They might question your loyalty and your performances even if you are an excellent employee.

If you decided to start a side business you probably wonder should you tell your boss or not.

There isn’t a correct answer to this question. If your company allows side businesses but doesn’t encourage the idea it’s probably better to keep your side business as a secret.

There are 2 important reasons why:

1. Any issue with your performance might be addressed to your side business.

2. During layoffs, you might be the first on the list because the company may consider that you have other means of survival.

If you want to ditch your job once your side hustle gets going it’s definitely better to keep it as a secret.

Anyway, we can’t exclude the possibility your boss to find out about your side business.

With so many possible problems in the way, you are probably curious why I referred to group homes as a problem-free philosophy.

This is why:

1. Group homes generate monthly passive income and don’t require much activity from your side. Your boss can’t address any issue with your performance to your side business.

2. Group Homes aren’t considered as a competition to any corporate business.

3. Group Home is like renting a property. A lot of people with full-time jobs rent part of their house or other property they own and their employers are totally fine with this.

You can quit your full-time job after you open your third group home. And until then you have no reason to worry!

After you open your first group home and run it for a while, money will pile up in your bank account every month. This allows you to expand and open your second and your third one.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can ditch your 9-5 and be your own boss!

Diversify or Die

There is this amazing book “Diversify or Die” by Eric Guthrie that inspired me to write this post.

The dynamics of the nowadays market requires everybody to diversify. Diversification is not only for entrepreneurs or companies but for people who work full-time jobs also.

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What’s your choice?

I know the struggle with having a full-time job and depending on it. I know that you have bills to pay. But would you at least work part-time on your dreams?

If you are helping somebody else build the life they’ve always desired 8-10 hours a day, then why it feels so hard to do it for yourself?

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Why Now is The Time to Start Group Homes


We have seen this scenario play out many times before. You decide that you want to change your life for good. You start looking for ways to do this, and you come across the niche real estate industry of creating group homes, retirement homes, etc. and decide that you want in. You start reading and researching, and your desire to change just gets larger and larger. The problem is that researching is the first step, but it is not the last step. You have to go and take action, and I want to make sure that you do just that. There is no time better than the present to start group homes.

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