Why is Jessica Perkins Starting a Group Home for Troubled Teens?

Some of our previous posts talk about the importance of having a huge “WHY” in your plan. Jessica Perkins, a resident of Anchorage, AK is about to open a group home for troubled teens. So here is what you need to know about Jessica:

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How Christine made an additional $39 000 this year?

Christine made an additional $ 39 000 in the first year of owning and operating her group home for senior assisted living. The best part of her story is that she needed less than $ 2000 to get started!

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Take A Sneak Peak at Some of Our Group Homes

We were doing some visits and walkthroughs in a few of our group homes, and I thought it would be great if we took some pictures for you. The first thing you will notice looking at the following pictures is that Group Homes are NOT fancy. We talk about this in our books. Many of these people are coming from tough situations, and they need a roof over their heads. Spending money on anything that will cause you to have to raise prices, is not to your advantage. Scroll through these pictures, and we will go more in detail at the bottom of this post.

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Specialized Group Homes – ICF/MR Homes

An ICF-MR home is an Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Mental Retardation. These are typically houses run by individuals such as yourself where people with disabilities live. The great part about it all, is that you can help out people with disabilities by providing them a place to live, and the government will pay you for it! Specialized group homes is the place to be!

Now this is just one type of home that the government will pay you to run. There are numerous others that we will address in upcoming articles and posts. Typically speaking, ICF/ MR homes are really only for individuals that are receiving what is referred to as “active treatment” services. What this essentially means is that individuals that need supervision will live in an ICF/MR group home. So, in essence it is a different level of care that will be provided to these clients and therefore you as the person who is going to start a group home will be compensated for the increased level of care that you will provide.

But you are still wondering, “how do I start a group home for people that require active treatment and who are already disabled” and how do I find clients that qualify for ICF/MR housing?

These are great questions. Depending on your state, the requirements will differ as far as who qualifies to live in a group home that is for ICF/MR clients. The people that will qualify to live in an ICF/MR home will need to meet the criteria that is defined by the federal government and the appropriate regulations. Typically speaking, this means that the individual’s conditions must have started before the age of 22 and will continue on forever. Most of these clients have parents or guardians that are actively looking for a special place where good, quality people will watch over their loved ones. In other cases, nurses, social workers and doctors are actively looking for quality housing providers for their clients. The problem is not lack of clients….the problem is lack of people like you that want to start a group home! So if you want to start a group home for this demographic, you will need to get the appropriate licensing…..this is something we will get into in future articles. In the meanwhile, just remember that this is only one of THOUSANDS of different types of group homes and transitional homes where people like you can make a Great Living doing something that is good for the community!

But maybe you are asking, “Hey, I really want to specialize in the ICF/MR area. But, will there be enough money in it for me?” These are understandable questions. After all, you not only need to provide for others, you also need to be able to provide for your family. And I am here to tell you that the government will compensate you tremendously well for helping this demographic of society by not just providing and starting group homes for those with special needs, but providing housing and related services for an even higher need population. Just like a doctor takes in clients and bill medicare, Medicaid or the insurance; ICF home providers will bill the state depending on the level of care provided the client. The amount of billing can be tremendous. In fact, there are numerous individual millionaires that run group homes for the disabled and there are also numerous private equity companies that run hundreds, and in some cases thousands of ICF/MR homes. These owners are extremely well compensated for their compassion and generosity.  Here is a link to the proposed interim rate for a small, ICF/MR house…….$628.31 PER DAY. Yes, per day. Here is the link.



So can you now see how profitable and lucrative the opportunity becomes when you begin starting a group home to help people with disabilities? And remember, this is just one of hundreds of different programs out there that you can participate in.

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