No Capital For Your Group Home? Learn to Negotiate

“When it comes time to negotiate, he who cares less wins.” – Unknown

We feel your pain. You want to start a group home, help others and make a lot of money but you just need the capital to start right? It is such a crappy feeling when you know you can succeed at something, but you just have one thing in the way. The good news is that we can overcome that one thing. The bad news is that the one thing that is in the way is you and your ability to negotiate.

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Buy Or Rent Your First Group Home?

Do I Need To Own The Property to Start My First Group Home?

This is another very common question, and honestly a matter that keeps most people out of business and therefore out of money and without the ability to help people! Folks, what are you doing! You need to get creative. This is America! If you don’t have money, use your mind! Find others with the money you need or get creative and figure out how to do it without any of your funds….let’s dive into this in more detail.

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