Do You Tap Dance to Work? If You Don’t Make a Change

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When your alarm goes off in the morning what do you feel? What runs through your mind? Are you happy? Or do you often wish your life played out much different? Do you always wish you could just go back to bed? These are the questions you need to answer because they will decide whether you pass or fail the tap dance test. The tap dance test is a quick way to figure out whether you are living a fulfilling life or not.

What Life Often Looks Like (SADLY)

I knew this feeling in the past all too well. The alarm goes off, you get pissed and drag yourself out of bed, or you just hit the snooze altogether. Once you finally are on your feet, you throw some food down quickly, get dressed in your best clothes and say bye to the family. It always feels weird doing this because you got married and had kids to spend time with them not to always be away from them. You get in your car, get on the freeway, and it is complete stop and go traffic. You put up with it though because you need the check and the job has excellent benefits.

The above story is the daily reality for many people in America. Some make a lot of money, and some put up with this life for no money but regardless people deal with it, and it is not ok. You were not put on this planet to be just a cog in the system that clocks in and out and plays everything by the book. You were made for so much more.

How to Past the Tap Dance Test

When you get up in the morning, you should dance your way to work. If you walk or bike to work, you should have a smile the whole way. If you drive to work the entire trip should be exciting. Traffic should only bother you because you can’t wait to get to work and start your day.

It is such a simple test.

Do you live for Fridays?
Does the work Monday make you sick?
Do you love to work on weekends?

The Magic of Being a Group Home Owner

Magician hands creating group home magic. Magicians are a great example because they tap dance to work.

Once you get into the group home business, you start to tap dance to work and here is why. The only way to get more money is to help more people. The amount of money you have is a direct correlation to some individuals you help every month.


The Benefits of Group Home Ownership:

  • Quitting your job
  • Helping people
  • Early retirement
  • Paying off debts quicker

Sally Wanted a Change

Sally came to us about three years ago. She had put one of her family members in one of our sober houses, and she asked us if she could come and pay few months in advance. When we saw her you could tell she had something to say but didn’t want to say it. Finally, she asked, “how many of these group homes do you own?”. We replied 63 (we own more now), and she just about lost it! She replied, “SIXTY-THREE homes, that is a lot of money.” We told her honestly that had about a 65% occupancy rate at the time and we knew we could be well above 80%, so there was room to make more money. She asked us right on the spot if we would help her out and we agreed to.

Sally told us non-stop about how much she disliked her job and everything about it and how for years she subjected herself to it. For years she felt like a coward because she sold her soul for $45,000 a year. Her kids were older and moved out, her husband had left her and her never really had the time to go out and meet new people.

How Sally Started Successful Group Home

The one thing that always stuck out to us about Sally is that she sounded like many of the people we talked with, but she took action right away. She had a five-bedroom house that was costing her $1,500 a month in payments. We told her to shack into the basement-bedroom for a bit and turned that house into a group home, and she listened. This was a low-risk way to go about starting her business. She already owned the home, and it already cost her money. Proving yet again that there are plenty of ways to get started.

By turning the four bedrooms into a senior living home, Sally was able to get a lot of relief for herself. She specifically wanted to work with the older women whose kids moved out, and no long had husbands so that they did not have to feel alone. She knew the feeling all too well.

The women were usually healthy, and stable; they just wanted company. She charged them $1000 per bed and still put two people in each room. These women were HAPPY to pay that! Her group home was making her between $6,000 – $8,000 per month. Since she lived there, she used this money to pay the mortgage, and she would get the groceries herself, and it was a win-win for everyone. Everyone in the house no longer wanted to be alone, and they got just that.


Get Started Now

Don’t Complicate This

There are a few things that Sally did exceptionally well.

  1. Chose a target market she understand well
  2. Made the first dollar as quickly as possible to build momentum
  3. Got creative in finding her first home
  4. Took action


Sally duplicated this model and had a total of three homes in her city, and she managed them all. She never hired a full-time employee. She loved the work she was doing. One of the best feelings we have had since we got into this business is when she called us and said. ” Guys, I finally tap dance to work. I love the people that I am around, and I love that we have a community of woman that get each other.”

Sally is not any different than you. There was no special talent or unfair advantage. She knew she needed a change in her life and she wanted to be able to tap dance to work on a daily basis. What she was able to accomplish didn’t take a massive amount of savings. She took the time to seek help and get guided and she was able to be successful.

Whatever your reason for wanting to be a group owner can help you reach that financial goal doing something that does not always require a lot of work. You get to make a passive income if you hire a business manager and reap the benefits of having all of your time back. I think that would make ANY person tap dance to work. Are you ready to make this your reality?

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