The Law of 33%

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For success in life, it is vital that you spend time with people at different levels. The fact that you are reading this means you want to better your life. The reality is that you probably spend most of your time with people playing the game of life at a lower level than you. They are not trying to grow, they may hate their life and their job but they just keep going because they feel they have no other choice. Being a group home owner actually puts you in a perfect position to apply the law of 33%.


What is This Law of 33%?

The law of 33% goes like this. We should spend 33% of our time with:

  • People at a lower level than you
  • People on the same level as you
  • People at a higher level than you

It is really simple when on paper but it is a lot harder to apply. Really thinking about what you percentages would look like above. Most people either spend all of their time with people lower or people on the same level.  Remember that you need all three in order to have a healthy balance.

Why You Need People Lower Than You?

First of all, when we say people lower we mean from a standpoint of who would look up or aspire to be who. If you have a home and you meet a homeless person you are above them not because they are bad people but because they aspire to have a home like you.

People lower than us are so important because they provide us with an opportunity to help and mentor. We can’t expect people to just help us in life if we never take the time to stop and give to others.

Group home owners have the perfect opportunity because most of their residents are on a lower level than them. They are on some hard times, this means that there is plenty you can do to mentor and you always have the list of people who you can mentor.

The problem with this group is that they will usually not bring you to a higher level. If you spend too much time around this group it will start to have a massive negative impact on your life.

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Why You Need People On Your Level?

People on your level keep you sane because they are similar to you in thought and process. Many times when people are not confident in themselves they will gain confidence by spending the majority of their time around people below them.

Our membership community will bring you in touch with plenty of people who are in a similar position as you. They either have one group home or no group homes yet, but they have decided that they are going to better their life by any means. This group will keep you driven because you will see the results of their actions much more. If they stay focused and follow the “Group Home Riches plan” and go on to make a lot of money, you will know they came from where you are. If you are growing a lot you will notice you are leaving them behind.

The issue with this group is that many get into a very competitive mindset. Meaning, that instead of trying to work with you and grow with you, they see you rising as them failing. You have to be careful to only be around with people on your level that don’t get jealous easy. You are going to start adding to your income and tripling it, and that can bring a lot of negativity your way.

Why You Need People at a Higher Level?

You need people at a higher level because you need someone to show you the way. The goal is to learn from our mistakes with Group Homes as we have over 100+ beds now. The last thing you want to do is just try and do it on your own. Not to mention that you can get all of the help you need.

Getting around people playing the game at a higher level are the hardest to be around. The higher the level someone is, the busier they are and more people ask for their help.

Think of it like this. If you have a child that plays basketball, and Michael Jordan himself said he would mentor them, how much better would they be? Not saying that it would make them an All-Time great but he played at a high level for a long time and he can teach us all something about basketball and life.

In The Group Home Riches Membership site, we will have interviews and lessons from some of the top Group Homeowners around. The reason why we are doing this is to make sure you are learning from as many people playing the game at a higher level.

Being a Group Home Owner Will Improve Your Life

Furthermore, just like Michael Jordan can teach us about basketball and life. Thus, following the law of 33% will improve your business and life. As a result, you will notice that the people on your level improve. The people at a higher level teach you more and more, and then you have more to teach people on a lower level.

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