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22 May 2017 by ">Admin

What was your dream when you were a child?

Mine was to be able to order all the desserts from the menu. I wanted to try every cake and pie! I hated the fact that I have to choose. That would always make me wonder if I made the right choice.

The sad thing is that most people live their entire life this way. They either satisfy with only a fraction of what they want or they never get it.

It’s funny how the 7-year old me thought that it’s nearly impossible to be able to order all the desserts from the menu. Now I laugh at my silly 7-year old me for thinking that!

The 20-year old me wanted to drive a brand new sports car. Again he thought that there is no way that one day he would sit in his nearly $100 000 brand new Porsche.

The point is, dreams change over the years. My dream to order all the desserts soon became reality when I started to make my own money. My dream to drive an expensive sports car came true because of my successful business with group homes. Even my dream to own a group home expanded to hundreds of them.

So, think about this: If the 7 and 20-year old me got what they wanted, then why would I think that the present me can’t get everything he wishes for!?

I want you to really stop sabotaging yourself! I want you to stop saying: “Oh that is awesome! But only rich people could have it!”

Think of this instead: “What should I do to make it happen?” “How can I quit my 9-5 and start my own business?” “How can I open my first group home?”


Most people don’t think outside of the box, they wish for what seems logical and that’s what they get. Don’t let others tell your dream is impossible. That you should stick to your 9-5 because it’s safe and secure.

Those are the same people who 10 years later will be stuck in traffic on their way to work, hating their life.

But if you dream big enough you might be on your private jet waving to the crowd below.

You are a couple group homes away from the life you wish to live.

THINK SOONER about later and learn how to build your first group home today!

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