Why is Jessica Perkins Starting a Group Home for Troubled Teens?

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Some of our previous posts talk about the importance of having a huge “WHY” in your plan. Jessica Perkins, a resident of Anchorage, AK is about to open a group home for troubled teens. So here is what you need to know about Jessica:

Jessica’s big WHY: Jessica moved to Anchorage when she was 11. Her mother divorced her abusive alcoholic father and decided to start all over. So she took Jessica from Sacramento to Anchorage and bought a huge 4-bedroom and 3-bathroom house with the money she got from the divorce. Her mother was renting the rest of the house for years.

Jessica was scared and insecure because of the years spent in fear of her father. When she went into her new school she was too weird to fit in. Or at least that was what her schoolmates thought about her. They started picking on her and shortly that turned into an aggressive bullying. At the age of 13, she had an attempt to commit a suicide. Her mother had to place her in a psychiatric hospital. But after her treatment was over Jessica couldn’t just go back to the same environment with her bullies. So, when her mother started looking for options, she discovered a beautiful group home for teens with issues 20 miles away from their home. Jessica describes her time spent there as “a reason why she fell in love with her life again”.

Now Jessica thinks that is time for giving back. And that is why she wants to turn the exact same home her mother bought years ago into a hope home for teens with a similar story like hers.

Why Are Group Homes Good for Troubled Teens?

Group homes offer a residential setting and intensive care for troubled teens. Young individuals are very sensitive at that age and being in an institution for a long time makes them think that something is wrong with them. Meanwhile, group homes provide 24-hour supervision and yet they look like a regular home. They have a small number of teens under their supervision and highly trained staff that provides special care to each of them. They develop series of activities and have a busy daily schedule that includes therapy and learning. The day-to-day activities also include preparing meals, cleaning the house, shopping and etc. That is why group homes are perfect for teens who stayed at a psychiatric hospital or juvenile detention facility.

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Why are Group Homes for Troubled Teens a Great Investment?

Because you can make a great passive monthly income by helping vulnerable teens to fall in love with their life and grow into wonderful adults.

Jessica is aware of the fact that Anchorage, unfortunately, is a home to many former and present drug and alcohol addicts. And those people have kids who experience the worst at a very young age. That is why she wants to provide the best possible environment for these youngsters to gain self-esteem and recover from everything that life threw in their face.

Jessica turned 3 of her 4 bedrooms into a beautiful environment for young vulnerable individuals to get back on track. She placed 2 beds in each room for the teens to interact and easily build relationships. She bought her furniture at garage sales and spent less than $350 on equipping the rooms. Now she can expect cash to settle on her account by the next month.

Do You Want To Learn How to Open a Group Home For Troubled Teens and Make Money out of Making a Difference?

Numberless families want to help their kids but they can’t afford the expensive programs most institutions offer. Note that these programs cost 3 to 4 times more than a safe, home-like setting group home. Do you want to help those families by providing a safe and nurturing environment to their kids? Do you want to help those kids to find joy and fulfillment in their life? And, lastly, do you want cash to start piling up on to your account by the next month?

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