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  • > Are you interested in helping others while simultaneously being financially rewarded?
  • > Would you like to find a way to care for a friend, family member or someone in need and get paid extremely well for doing it?
  • > Are you interested in creating a residual passive monthly income for you and your family--- all while helping those that need it most?

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Words of Gratitude

  • Mark Wilson

    Thanks Andy! Your books and personal consulting have been invaluable. I always had an interest in helping out vets – namely disabled vets. You have helped to walk me step-by-step through how to do this. I am on track to be making over $5,000 per month now within a 4 month period! Thanks

  • Amanda Smith

    Andy, thanks to your help I have now opened up 4 group homes. We provide room and board for over 30 people per month….and I did this all starting with less than $1,500 which you showed me how to do! Thanks for the help, I feel like I am now set for life with a sustainable income stream that provides for my family and I.

  • Mellinda Powell

    Andy, I looked and searched for information on starting a group home for over 3 years before finally finding your website! I am so glad I did. You motivated me to get out and lease a home, which I then converted into a group home. You then coached me on how to use that income to obtain 4 more homes. I now have 5 group homes with house managers at each one. I remember traveling to Hawaii last year for over 13 days thinking about how lucky I am to have found you. Your strategies and systems now provide me with an annual income of over $100,000 per year……and I am going to continue growing it! Thanks for your help and knowledge.

  • Robert Burn

    Andy--- what luck I must have had finding your website! I always wanted to “invest” in real estate, but after reading your website I realized that true millionaires are made with businesses that own the real estate. Fortunately, I already owned a few rental properties – so I simply took your advice, got some furniture & televisions and made some marketing materials (designed with your coaching help) and began getting referrals from the local case workers, social workers and doctors a few weeks later. Yes, it was hard work getting it all set up – but here I am, with 8 group homes now! I have house managers at each location and plan to hire a general manager to oversee all of them here shortly. I have used all of your strategies and am looking forward to our next coaching session where you will teach me the best recruiting systems and interview processes so that I can hire the General Manager and grow this business even more! My goal is to have over 200 people paying me $600 per month here shortly! The best thing is that I am truly making a difference.

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Are you looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of others while simultaneously finding a way to create an ongoing passive income stream for yourself?

  • Learn how to help others while simultaneously helping yourself
  • Care for others in your community
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