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Give me only one month of your time and I will change your life! I made the Gold Course to guide all of you looking for financial freedom outside of your workplace. Here is why you should let me help you:

– No experience needed

– Results in one month

– At least $3000 monthly passive income

You’ve waited for too long. Now is the time to take an action and open your own business that can make at least $3000 a month. Group homes don’t require a big investment in advance. You could either rent or transform your property into a group home.

You can turn a house into a group home in just days. Go to few garage sales, get basic furniture and there you have it. Let’s say you start with only six people. Now let’s say you charge the minimum of $500 per month. You could make a monthly passive income of $3000.

My Gold course makes you skip the trial and error and jump right into making money.
You should never rely on one source of income. If you already do, this is your chance to change that ASAP.

How to Stop Worrying About Money?

Just get rich! Seriously, there is no better way!

First of all, I eat, sleep and live significantly better since I got rich. I also worry less, especially about small things that most people worry about every day.

About 11 years ago I stayed in an average hotel in Santa Barbara. During my checkout, the gentleman at the front desk informed me that I made a huge stain on the wall in my room and they will have to charge me for the damage.

I barely stayed in the room and I was pretty sure that I had nothing to do with the stain. Maybe the housekeeping lady accidentally stained the wall. Anyway, the guy insisted that I have to cover the damage.

This literally ruined my vacation. I was saving for so long to afford a decent family vacation and any unexpected expense was a reason to worry about.

On the other hand, If this happened today I wouldn’t bother at all. If I end up being charged I can easily afford it.

Now I earn money even while I am sleeping. I earn monthly passive income from my group home business and the money keeps rolling in no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Not to mention that something like this would never have happened at the expensive resorts I spend my vacations now.

That’s why I enjoy being rich. I don’t have to worry about irrelevant things such as where to dine in, where to park or when the flight tickets are the cheapest. Being rich saves a lot of time and effort.

Back in the days, I would spend hours reading reviews and thinking if a certain online course, program or book is worth the money. I just don’t care now. I will buy it and determine myself.

I transferred the formula that made me rich into an online course. I don’t want every single little problem to ruin your day. I want you to have more awesome days like I do!

I am so grateful for the amazing life I have now and I feel that is my obligation to make your days better.

I’ll do my best to make this happen, are you in?

$149 Can Change Your Life Forever

From all your questions I got so far, I have noticed one thing that is common for most of my subscribers. You overthink things!

I get a lot of questions related to the price of my Gold Course and personal seasons. “Will they to pay off?” So, let me break down the cost vs the benefit of the Gold Course.

First of all, I am sure that most of your expenses on monthly basis are more than $100. You may pay for gas, food, rent, student loans and so on. Probably just your gym membership is less than $100.

On a list of your monthly expenses, my Gold Course would be somewhere on the bottom. But this course won’t cost you another $149 next month.

So, you pay for it once and use it for a lifetime. If you are patient and committed, this one-time small expanse can turn into a monthly income.

After more than 10 years in the business, I can say I am rich in every sense of the word. I help people who are on the bottom. I see them grow. I see them stand on their feet again. I see some of my former tenants with their own houses, families, cars and even group homes.The feeling is priceless!

This is not a course only about how to start your own business. This is a course that will teach you how to change your life. If someone told me that the life I desire will cost me $149, that would have sounded like one hell of a deal to me!

Overthinking is just useless. Things will come to you depending on how motivated, inspired, driven, committed, patient and ready you are. And things will come as soon as possible if you START NOW.

Work Less, Succeed More!


Most people tend to overwork when they want to make more money. That’s not a bad idea. But on a long-term basis, something will break if you work a lot. You may lose most of your friends, get divorced or put your health at risk. So, even if you feel that you can handle 55-60 or more hours per week now, that won’t last long.

And at the end of the day, you don’t want to miss living life because you were busy making money.

But how could you possibly afford more if your work less?

Hard work is simply not enough. It could help at some point, but you won’t be able to maintain the same energy and productivity after years and years of hard work.

The corporate world taught us that more work equals to more respect. I was personally happy 15 years ago when my boss gave me more responsibilities. So my promotion wasn’t a promotion at all. I wasn’t moving forward in life. I was working more and had less time for everything else that I love to do.

So, I figured out that I had to work hard but for myself. Only when you work hard for yourself you could succeed more.

I was able to grow my group home business and hire other people to work for me. I have a lot more free time now and a lot bigger monthly passive income. So hard work pays off, but only when you don’t have to work that hard anymore.

If you want to find out how to achieve more with less effort check my Gold Course. All I am asking is a bit of your time and determination. You’d be surprised how your life could change in just months.

168 Hours to Build the Life you Desire

luxury villa

Having plans for the weekend? You better not because I have one hell of a plan for you! And it’s not including the room from the picture above.

Believe me, I am not trying to make your life rougher than it is. But, bear with me for a couple of minutes and you might end up booking this villa sooner than you think.

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How Christine made an additional $39 000 this year?

Christine made an additional $ 39 000 in the first year of owning and operating her group home for senior assisted living. The best part of her story is that she needed less than $ 2000 to get started!

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Get Paid For Your Group Home By “Accepting Everything”

The one thing question on your mind as an aspiring group home owner is “how do I get paid?” But the question is never explored deep enough in my opinion. When many have asked the question in the past, they are referring to where the money will be coming from. Will it all come from the government, family, will the customer pay it themselves? They just don’t know and while this is a great question, what many miss is how they will actually process transactions. This video will explain why you need to “ACCEPT EVERYTHING!”

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Step-by-step, power-packed videos, audio, documents and books showing you exactly how to lease, furnish, market and fill up your 1rst or 10th Group Home for NON-STOP PA$$IVE RECURRING REVENUE! The Group Home Riches Membership Plan is the only one one the internet that can teach you how to do this. 

Having a job that just pays the bills is no way to live. You can feel it in your heart and soul. Like Steve Jobs said, if you wake up more than 3 days in a row and you don’t like what you’re doing, it’s time to find something new.

Wouldn’t you agree that it would make you feel like ten thousand bucks to be making an extra $10,000 per month by helping people out?

Are You Worth More Than Just Paying Bills?

“I just love paying bills,” said NOBODY EVER! Society has drilled you into a life filled with barely surviving instead of THRIVING. You feel you have to depend on crappy jobs because you need to pay the car bills, and their credit bill and every other bill that they have racked up over the years! In today’s audio, we talk about escaping this life and how the real estate industry is the perfect escape for many people. Learning how to start a group home can be the most powerful thing you do for your finances.

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Group Home Business Plan – Why You Need One TODAY

It has been a while since we wrote in this blog here at Group Home Riches. What have we been doing? Well, we have been busy running our day-to-day business which involves looking for more group homes to acquire along with other real estate and business endeavors, and creating an awesome group home business plan. That is the beautiful thing about the Special Needs housing industry.

If you start a special needs housing business or a Group Home business, you have the opportunity to focus on additional income and revenue streams. Although we are not huge proponents of “flipping” real estate, what you will find is that after you build out your group home team- manager, porter, housekeeper and all the trades associated with keeping the place up to par (HVAC, electrical, tape/float, sheetrock, flooring, paint, etc.) you will pretty quickly be able to handle the general contractor related duties if you want to flip something. But to do all of this you will need a group home business plan.

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