You Need Situational Adaptability With Group Homes

I can’t stress how important situational adaptability is for group home entrepreneurs. The ability to see that your plan does not fit the current situation, and a minor pivot is called for in order to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, we have this beaten out of us by the school system because we are so used to stick to the guidelines and throwing away all of our creativity that we forget we can always find a way.

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Who are some of the larger group home, transitional living home and sober home operators?

The Narco Freedom is the number one outpatient sober home and substance abuse recovery home in the new york area.  As a matter of fact, according to tax returns, Narco Freedom had revenue of $46,700,000 in 2011. What are the profit margins? We don’t have access to that information, but 20% – 50% is not uncommon.

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How To Meet Bankers and Investors

The beauty of the assisted living, transition home, care home and group home business (whatever you want to call it) is that it takes a “MINIMAL AMOUNT” of capital to get started. As a matter of fact, we have been doing this for years. In particular, teaching, training and consulting others on this business model as well. Moreover, as you should know by now you can simply go out and rent or lease a home and turn it into a care home. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN THE REAL ESTATE.

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Want a Video Tour of Our Group Homes? Watch This!

The group home business is not a fancy one. A lot of people make the mistake of spending too much money to furnish their homes. Forgetting the fact that many people living in group homes are coming from tough situations. Furthermore, they don’t need fancy plush carpets or stainless steel appliances. What they need is food and a roof over their head. The question is when are you going to get serious about helping these people? There is nothing stopping you from operating a home just like the one in this video. The tour is meant to break down how easy this can be. We can have you moving forward with your first group home in no time.

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The Law of 33%

For success in life, it is vital that you spend time with people at different levels. The fact that you are reading this means you want to better your life. The reality is that you probably spend most of your time with people playing the game of life at a lower level than you. They are not trying to grow, they may hate their life and their job but they just keep going because they feel they have no other choice. Being a group home owner actually puts you in a perfect position to apply the law of 33%.

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How to Build an Effective Group Home Website

We have come to notice a scary trend amongst our clients. Many decide not to build websites and then wonder why they struggle with marketing. Well stop and think for a second, how much time do you spend on the internet everyday? How much time do your kids spend on the internet each day? It is probably not a small number. It is fact that as a society in the USA we depend on internet and we even want it FAST too. Most business decisions are made after extensive online research by a customer. The problem is, how can anyone research?

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Own a Group Home and Make a Difference

You were made to make an impact on the world. When you put your hand to your chest and you feel that thing beating, that is your heart, and that is a reminder that you have PURPOSE! Your purpose was not to just get by in life scrapping together whatever you can to live. You were meant to be prosperous and help others prosper and there is no better way to do this then to start a group home.

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Take A Sneak Peak at Some of Our Group Homes

We were doing some visits and walkthroughs in a few of our group homes, and I thought it would be great if we took some pictures for you. The first thing you will notice looking at the following pictures is that Group Homes are NOT fancy. We talk about this in our books. Many of these people are coming from tough situations, and they need a roof over their heads. Spending money on anything that will cause you to have to raise prices, is not to your advantage. Scroll through these pictures, and we will go more in detail at the bottom of this post.

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Game Changing Coaching Call

When you are willing to invest in your success, success invests in you. Success does not waste time flowing to people who don’t know what to do with it. It goes to those who want and are most prepared. Right now is the youngest you will ever be and tomorrow is never promised. We are going to post follow ups to this coaching call in the next few days that reveal this results of this action taker. You must remember that some people are players, and some people are spectators. Players make money; spectators pay money to watch others make money. Which side are you on? After listening to this call, we know you will be ready to get serious and start making money with your group home.

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