Yet Another Reason For Being In The Group Home and Care Home Business

Today, we are going to simply review some statistics about the United States as well as some additional important points on how to start a residential group home and how to keep your business running profitably.

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The Weight of: “I don’t Know Where to Start!”

Considering the fact that I am more than 10 years successfully running hundreds of Group Homes, people often approach me with questions. What I could notice so far is that people often don’t recognize what are their priorities at the moment. Some people get too technical and others have a high-level overview and lack of specification.

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Start The Group Home Journey With Why

Simon Sinek has a wonderful book and Ted Talk on the importance of starting with why. This topic is extremely relevant when it comes to running a successful Group Home Business. You probably have a clear idea of what you want to do with your business, and you are on our site learning how, but the piece that is often forgotten is the “why”. We want to make sure that your why is front and center.

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If You Can’t Get Passed Rejection Quit Now

No one goes on to succeed without first passing through strong rejection. No one is exempted to this rule. You have a dream of starting a group home. You can picture all the people you are helping and all of the money you are making but do you understand what it takes to get there? Do you know that nothing great comes easy? Well, it is time you fight for what you want. The reason why few people create the life they want is because they stop fighting. They stop putting in the work because someone told them no. Anyone who decides to start a group home runs into this issue.

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The Beautiful Result of Learning More

I can already see some of you now just cringing over the title. You grew up hating school, I get it and you know what I did too. But I realized that school was often not giving me practical knowledge or teach me in a way best suited for me. The same may be true for you but you can’t let it take away your curiosity and your love for learning. Otherwise, If you don’t believe me look at any young child! As a matter of fact, they all love to learn and imitate others. Then we get older and we feel that with age we no longer have to learn. Moreover, we wonder why we don’t see the change in our lives. Kids change constantly because they are always learning more. You stay the same because you refuse to learn more. Consequently, we are going to change this today! After watching this video you will no longer just wish you were in our course, or just ponder the idea but you will jump in head over heels because you understand that successful people “LEARN MORE” than the average person.

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The Different Types of Group Homes

Here is a great video to watch for anyone interested in starting a group home who is unaware of the many different types of group homes that exist. The group home industry is diverse, and the one you choose can change everything about how you operate your home. Some homes require more/less supervision; some are more dangerous, some need better people skills. The list can go on and on! We want to make sure that you are ready for whatever this industry may bring.

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Why You Should Change Your View of Risk

The risk is really in the eyes of the beholder. Have you ever thought that maybe society had sold us a load of crap when it comes to risk? You can’t put it past society, though, we once believed that world was flat, that wearing seat belts were stupid, and that the media is our friend. We often realize much too late that when you go with the flow of society, you are often wrong. It pays to go against the grain, and after reading this article, you will see how the same goes for risk.

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Do You Tap Dance to Work? If You Don’t Make a Change

When your alarm goes off in the morning what do you feel? What runs through your mind? Are you happy? Or do you often wish your life played out much different? Do you always wish you could just go back to bed? These are the questions you need to answer because they will decide whether you pass or fail the tap dance test. The tap dance test is a quick way to figure out whether you are living a fulfilling life or not.

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