Group Home Riches Coaching Call Summary #1

21 Feb 2017 by ">Admin

We have some amazing conversations with our Coaching Call Clients. Some are not comfortable with us recording the call, so we can summarize what we talked about so YOU can learn. In this particular call, the gentleman already had a few single family homes he is renting out in Detroit. He wanted to turn them into group homes and make more money. He had saved up a substantial amount of money working and was concerned with preserving his wealth. The coaching call customer had a ton of questions, and he brought up some points that many of you will find interesting.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Finding your target market
  • The grind of group home ownership
  • The Fair Housing Act
  • Protecting yourself from the government and lawsuits
  • Hiring awesome people
  • Managing your team
  • The advantage of big cities

The key takeaway from this call was the caller discovering that what we had told him on our last call was true. We had encouraged him to go to his local hospital and tell them that he is looking to start a group home and judge their reactions. He told us that all of the nurses were relieved and had wondered where he had been all these years. She said they had 7 to 8 people come by on a daily basis that needed a home. There simply were not enough group homes to fill the demand.

The coaching call customer loved this! It excited him to know that there was a significant demand for his dreams. When people do not work in health care it can be hard for them to come to grips with all of the struggles there is in our world. If you can take one thing from this conversation, it is that you need to go out in your community and see the demand for a group home yourself.

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  1. […] Starting a group home is not just for the wealthy by any means. There are everyday people running group homes all around this country. This call was inspiring, and I decided to summarize it so that you could learn from its key lessons. There are so many people who have pushed off helping others because they claim to have no capital. When we get to talk, they are shocked to learn what it takes to start a group home if you know what to do and know where to look. Sometimes it can be so simple that it seems too easy and in some sense, if you are willing to work hard at the right things, it is easy. Make sure you listen to Coaching Call Summary #1 as well. […]

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