How to Build an Effective Group Home Website

31 Mar 2017 by ">Admin

We have come to notice a scary trend amongst our clients. Many decide not to build websites and then wonder why they struggle with marketing. Well stop and think for a second, how much time do you spend on the internet everyday? How much time do your kids spend on the internet each day? It is probably not a small number. It is fact that as a society in the USA we depend on internet and we even want it FAST too. Most business decisions are made after extensive online research by a customer. The problem is, how can anyone research?

Why Having No Website Hurts You

No Lead Generation

When you have a website you have a way of attracting people and allowing them to express interest by contacting you. Don’t be fooled into thinking a group home does not need a website because your tenants are not online. They may not be but their families are, and their families may be helping them to find a place.

Lead generation is everything. Some group homes can have HIGH turnover, due to such unstable tenants, you never know what will happen in their life. If this is the case you want to have a waiting list of people ready and who are interested and there is no better way to do this than through a website. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN HAVING ONE MADE SIGN UP HERE.

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Hard to Trust

Think about this website for example. You may have read a bunch of our articles and want to get into our course really bad. The reality is that you need to build up some trust first. This is why you call us, read our emails, and read all our blog posts. It is part of your trust building process.

What do you think people will want to do before they sign up to live in your house? They will want to research the crap out of your group home. They will want to see pictures and how you operate everything. If you don’t give people the opportunity to do this you will lose leads to other group homes that do.


What Your Website Needs


In 2000 you could get away with a crappy design for a website. Today, there is no chance. It makes you look like crap right away. The problem is that some people think design means overdoing it and having a confusing site. You still want to keep things simple.

A well-designed site is not just about looking good but flow to the desired result. Meaning if you want to get people to express a desire to live in your group home, you need to push them in the direction to do so. Great websites always do this well.

Contact Form

You need a contact form that is easy to get to and fill out. There is nothing worse than a website where you can’t find how to get help or how to contact someone. This is one of the best things you can have so make your email, phone number and contact form easy to find.


There is a reason Facebook and Instagram are such popular companies. These companies work with pictures and picture sharing. We all know a picture is worth a 1000 words. This article to this point is not even 1000 words meaning, one picture could have possibly explained more than what you have just read! That is mind blowing.

Don’t forget to apply this concept to your website! You want to have pictures of your group home, your house manager, and really show it off in the best light possible. You don’t have to make it look glamorous or have a professional photographer or anything. All you need are clear shots that show people exactly what they will get.

There is so much more…

Here is the thing, we are just getting warmed up on this topic. There is so much more you can do for your website. A lot of it you will not be able to do. This is why we are getting ready to launch GROUP HOME WEBSITES. Make sure you click the link to let us know that you are interested in learning more.


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