How Christine made an additional $39 000 this year?

2 May 2017 by ">Admin

Christine made an additional $ 39 000 in the first year of owning and operating her group home for senior assisted living. The best part of her story is that she needed less than $ 2000 to get started!

Her mother had a stroke 4 years ago and ended up in a wheelchair. Christine spent most of the time looking for ways to make her mother’s life more joyful. And then she discovered a new passion of hers. Being able to assist her mother on daily basis and cheer up her days felt very rewarding for her.

After her mother passed away, Christine felt that she needed something that would bring the same feeling of fulfillment she had when she was taking care of her. Then she realized that she could easily turn her mother’s 3 bedroom house into a group home for senior assisted living.

So let’s go back to the big question: How Christine made $39 000 in a year with less than $ 2000 investment?

1.She got a job in the industry

Christine didn’t have any professional experience in the group home business. But she found a job posting for a part-time position as a property manager to several group homes. So she decided to apply because this job was something that was going to help her decide if she wants to open her own group home. After spending 7 months on the job Christine gained experience on how to approach to clients and got an idea how a group home should look like. She also realized that there isn’t a group home for senior assisted living in her area. Then she decided that it is the time to start her very own.

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2.She got Involved

Christine didn’t just visit group homes and discussed with clients. She started to spend time and engage with some of the people who lived in the group homes. Because she wanted to understand their lifestyle and their needs. She would also take a look at the daily schedule of activities and the meals that they were preparing or were prepared for them. She even went a step further and took a training course for assisted living providers hosted by the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA).

3.She Contacted Us

Christine reached us over a year ago with multiple questions that she couldn’t find answers elsewhere. She wanted to bring her idea to life ASAP and purchased our GOLD MEMBERSHIP COURSE. Shortly after that, she found all the answers she needed and much more! She realized that she was walking down the hard road before she found us. She was working as a property manager, she was training, and visiting group homes. Anyway, nothing and nobody gave her more precise answers and guidelines for the business part of it like we did.

You don’t have to spend any additional time on researching or trying to find answers driving around group homes. Because you are just a click away from all the important information on how to start your group home.

The GOLD MEMBERSHIP COURSE that helped Christine could be yours today! And you could be making at least $ 37 000 passive income by the next year. The sooner you take an action, the sooner $ 37 000 are yours!

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