How to Start a Group Home

If you are interested in learning how to start a group home you have come to the right spot. Nowhere else on the web will you find more information regarding the lease up, purchase, occupancy, marketing, accounting and all the other factors that are involved in running your group home on a day-today basis.

But let’s talk about one of the main reasons why starting a group home is such an amazing opportunity: demand. Today, there are literally tens of thousands of people in the USA who need a group home. The elderly, disabled, orphaned, MH, MR and other “special needs” populations with physical and mental disabilities are just a fraction of the people who need help and a home where they can live and start a new life. The real beauty of this business is that you have a unique opportunity to help others in need while simultaneously making the world a better place to live in.


Let us show you…..

The group home industry is a legitimate way to earn passive income or “full-time” income while helping those in need. Some people out there simply set up one little group home to make an extra $2,000 – $3,000 per month to help pay bills, day care costs or to simply save money for the future. Others use this additional income stream to spend, go on vacations or simply use to enjoy their lives. The reality is that you can use the money to do whatever you like. Yes! a group home can become your source of constant income.

Here at Group Home Riches, we teach people how to start a group home and convert it into a successful business that benefits everyone. If you are interested, join us and thousands of others who are now earning extra cash while simultaneously helping those in need. We have helped our students build successful group homes that not only benefit the owners directly, but also in non-financial ways. Riches are not simply the monetary assets derived from the ownership of group homes, riches are the spiritual growth, the emotional growth and the rich feelings you will obtain on a daily basis from operating your business and helping those who need it most.

How to Start a Group Home

Starting a group home is very rewarding, but is also a very demanding field. It requires detailed knowledge, skill-sets and a certain mind-set in order to be successful.

Let’s review some of the most important items you need after you ask the important first question, “How do I start a group home?”

  • You need to decide on the location. It can be your own home or you can simply rent a home. Once you have this figured out, you need to furnish your home. Couches, televisions, beds, bed-frames etc. Don’t worry about licensing just yet. Why? Because you haven’t even decided what type of group home you are going to operate! If you follow our methods, we will show you the easiest way to get started where you don’t need a license. Think student housing! Think roommates! Think a large family! Have you ever seen more than 5-6 college kids living in a home? It is the same concept…..and you don’t need a license for that!

As mentioned above, your “Mind-Set” is a top priority. Starting a group home requires the right mind-set which you must take into consideration. Here are some highlights:

  • Prioritising your Goals: While it is true that starting a group home can help you earn extra cash on the side, it should not be your primary goal. The goal of starting a group home should always be to help others who are in dire need of your help. If you earn money while doing it, look at it like icing on the cake…. an added bonus if you will. Dig deep and try to find all the reasons why you want to start a group home. Perhaps you have a relative who needs constant care and you are inspired to open a care home for other people suffering from the same problems. Remember this….the more people you serve and help, the more you will make. Focus on helping others and the income will come.

  • Analyzing the current Demand: The reality is that the more profit there is an industry, the more competitors you will have. Due to this reason, a lot of people are now involved in running a group home for various needy populations. The good news? Chances are there are some niches within your local community where demand is very strong and supply is not being met. What niches you may ask? Let’s throw a few out: Disabled Veterans group homes, Special needs group homes, group homes for those with traumatic brain injury, group homes for recovering alcoholics. The list goes on and on. You may determine that there is an urgent need for halfway homes in your area for ex-offenders. You can also head out to a number of your local governmental organizations to see what group has the largest need for housing.

  • Detailed Business Plan: In order to succeed in any business, you first must have a clearly defined business plan. It not only keeps you organised and focussed on your goals, but it also helps the potential investors understand your plans and objectives.

  • Finances: Finances play a very important role in any business. When it comes to starting a group home, you need financing – especially if you plan to purchase the property! Initially, you will have to arrange your financing on your own before you get everything going. Group Home Riches helps our students not only start group homes but also arrange their financing for the project.

Getting acquainted with Policies and Procedures: Your policies and procedures manual is paramount for your group home business. House rules, daily chores list and many of the other daily checklists are extremely important items that you will need to run your group home safely – but also efficiently. Remember, these items are mandatory if you are to run a successful Group Home.

Running a Group Home

Running a successful group home will require a lot of effort and there a few important things that you, as an owner, need to consider.

  • Finding the right site: Finding the right site or location is very essential for running a group home. It should be located (ideally) on a bus-line where everything is accessible- from food and groceries to doctor’s offices etc. One important item to remember –you do not need to own the property! You can always lease the home where you will establish your group home.

  • Finding the right people: Staff is one of the most important assets you have! Learning how to recruit, find and hire quality contractors and employees is extremely important. You will need to hire good, experienced people who can help you provide the best care there is. At Group Home Riches, we walk you step-by-step how to locate quality employees and screen them and get them running your homes in no-time flat.

  • Attracting and marketing for your clients: It is important that the people who need your service find you easily! Do you have a website? If not, start working on that today. Remember, 85% of your first contacts with social workers, case workers and family members of your clients will be from the internet. Your Group Home must have a website! Remember, this requires a bit of promotional and advertising activities.

After you have taken the above steps, chances are you will begin having some questions. You will need the right kind of support and resources. That is where we come in. With our vast knowledge and experience in the field, we help make your dream come true. We provide all the necessary resources you need to get started. Whether you want to build a group home or get funding for caring for a disabled family member, we can help.

Just like any other business, starting and operating a successful group home takes time. After you have built up your reputation, your credibility will be established. We can help you get through the entire process and establish a successful group home.

Remember, there are so many particular niches when opening up your group home:

  • Homes for disabled

  • Youth Group Home

  • Substance abuse recovery home

  • Elderly care home

  • Low income group homes

  • Halfway home

  • Transitional living home

  • Sober home

  • Foster home

  • ICF/MR home

  • DADS Home

  • Group Home re-entry homes for ex-offenders

These group homes provide a number of services – from simply a place to live to counselling and therapy to a transition home preparing them for the future life. If you are interested in doing something good, a group home can be your answer. Remember, there are a lot of mistakes that can happen….which is why we are here!If you plan to run a group home, it is always wise to seek oout those who have already done it.

Group Home Riches

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