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You were made to make an impact on the world. When you put your hand to your chest and you feel that thing beating, that is your heart, and that is a reminder that you have PURPOSE! Your purpose was not to just get by in life scrapping together whatever you can to live. You were meant to be prosperous and help others prosper and there is no better way to do this then to start a group home.

Choose a Home That Matters to You

Someone really close to me that I love with all my heart went to prison when I was young. When they got out they were forever changed, because prison will do that to you. Most of the world wants to turn away prisoners, but I have always had a different perspective because of it.

Starting a group home that provided homes for people who just got out of jail meant a lot to me. Many people in the USA are actually in jail for non-violent crimes. Many come out of prison and just need an opportunity for a fresh start and it feels good to provide them with that fresh start.

What is your reasoning? Why do you want to do this? It can’t just be about the money. It will be easier to pile up checks when you know you are doing it for something that matters to you. I told you my story not because I expect you to feel the same way as me, but to show you that a person connection helps.


Types of Group Homes

  • Homes For Adults
  • Foster Homes
  • Disability Homes
  • Veterans
  • Youth Homes
  • Substance Abuse
  • Supervised Living Homes
  • Transitional Homes

This list can go on and on and the key if you really want to make money is to work with a population you care about. The more you care and help the more your bank account will grow. If you just approach this with money on your mind, you may make money but it will feel just like the jobs you had that did not make an impact on the world.

Once you find a population that makes sense for you to serve, go above and beyond to help the people in your homes. Work with the community and really make a difference in the community. It is important to do this because some neighborhoods may be hesitant about having a group home on the block. The more you show them that it is safe and that it is good to have a diverse community the easier it will be for you to open more. If you choose a population you don’t care about though, you will quit at the first sign of struggle because you don’t really care.


Let’s change the world together! The best way to get started is to right here.



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