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There are a few answers to this simple question. To begin with, we recommend reviewing some of our previous postings here on the website. What you will find are three things:

  1. There needs to be a HUGE WHY. In this case, Matthew Perry has had addiction problems over the years. Often times, in order to recover in a great environment, you need others around. Matthew Perry may have wanted to start a sober home or recovery home in order to have others around that could help him out.
  2. Matthew Perry wanted to and wants to help others. For this reason, he wants to give back to the community by helping others who are facing a similar issue that he was facing in prior years. In fact, Matthew Perry testified to congress last year that it was better for people to go to group homes and sober homes rather than go to Jail. In addition, you can see why he wants to help. Furthermore, check out the whitehouse.gov article on Matt Perry and sober living homes. Also, the data supporting why this is such a positive investment for the community.


  1. Perry has a beautiful 4 bedroom home overlooking the Pacific ocean in Malibu California. Although Perry may be doing this out of the goodness of his heart, he also realizes that the more income he can generate from his sober home and recovery home business, the more he can help others. Think about it, if Perry funds the entire house and supports it himself, without charging the clients, he can only help so many people. Additionally, how many clients are really going to take things seriously if they don’t pay for it?

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Properties such as the Perry Home routinely charge $8,000 – $20,000 per client per month for 12 step programs, meditation, equine therapy and other therapeutic support. In the case of Perry, Up to seven individuals can take advantage of this private residence in order to recover in the best manner possible.

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There is a lot of money to be made with sober homes, group homes, and other residential treatment homes. Many of the owners in Newport Beach, Malibu and elsewhere have turned their million dollar mansions into group homes and transitional living homes simply to cover the payments. Could Matt Perry be doing the same?

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