How to Prepare For The Next Recession

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In today’s post, I want to focus on something near and dear to all winners in society. I am talking about the economic winners, the family winners, the athletic winners, the and religious winners. Matter of fact, I am talking about anyone who consistently come out on top. PREPARATION! Preparation is the common thread amongst all winners. Some people may call it luck, but the reality is that the harder you work (i.e. Prepare), the luckier you get. My question for you is are you prepared for the next recession?

The Next Recession Will Come

If you have ever studied economic cycles, you should know that these cycles have been occurring since biblical times. Joseph predicted them in Genesis and referred to it as seven years of feast and seven years of famine. So where are we right now? The US government tells us that we began coming out of recession in June of 2009.

If that is the case, we are now almost eight years into the “Feast” or expansion period. So what are the smart entrepreneurs doing at the moment? They are stockpiling what they can to save up for the proverbial rainy day. But since storing cash gets people nowhere in this day in age due to savings accounts paying less than 1% substantially, the smart people out there are PREPARING by investing in themselves and businesses that will act as a strong moat during the next downturn.



When you look around, you will notice that some of the biggest demographic shifts are occurring right before your very eyes. The baby boomers are retiring and downsizing their lifestyles. The reason they are downsizing is that they do not have the money to support large mortgage payments and miscellaneous expenses. Just yesterday I was speaking with a retired couple in their early seventies that told me they were “simplifying” their lifestyle by selling off their primary residence.

“Simplifying” was a polite way – and another way – of them telling me that they needed to raise money to support their lifestyle. With this enormous trend emerging, we are huge believers in giving this population what they need: Housing, Food, and Utilities in an “All Bills Paid” environment. How do we do this? By setting up group homes, care homes assisted livings or whatever you want to call them and then charging people a monthly flat-fee for this service.



For $1,500 – $2,500, the average group home entrepreneur can go out to the marketplace, rent a house, furnish the home, put together flyers and begin obtaining clients for a profit. How much money can you make with group homes or care homes?

The average group home entrepreneur can expect to make $1,000 to $3,000 per month net profit per each home that they own or manage.  It may not sound like a lot if a group home or care home entrepreneur just goes out and rents three homes, the numbers begin to become meaningful for the average operator. Most people, if you told them that they could make $3,000 to $10,000 per month and only work a few hours per week, would jump at the chance. Enter your email below for our FREE “Group Home Wealth Building Guide.”


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What Can a Group Home Business Do For You?

Here is what the group home opportunity can do for the average individual. Will you become a billionaire with this business model? Most likely you won’t. But you may become extremely wealthy to the tune of a few million or maybe more. There are players in this space like Southern Cross who used to be owned by Blackstone Group that IPO’d their group home business back in 2006 for over $640 Million! What about D&S that recently was bought out for $90,000,000!!! These are big businesses with owners making BIG MONEY! And why are the valuations so high?

Because of the moat that this company provides and the stability. The group home business is extremely stable due to the demographic trends emerging in the country. There are tens of millions of baby boomers that are retiring and need a place to live! Even if you go the low-cost provider route and only charge $550 per month per client, you can make $2,000 – $3,000 per month per home. Plus your beds will stay full nearly year round due to the price point.

Think about it: During the next recession, will there be more or fewer people looking to reduce their monthly living costs from $1,000 per month at an apartment to an “All-Bills-Paid” room rental for $550 per month which also includes food? The answer is obvious, and that is why the big players love this industry and why you should too!

If you are looking for additional information on how to start a group home, care home, elderly home, halfway home, transitional living home, sober home, foster home, ICF/MR home, DADS Home or another type of care home for people with disabilities.


Start learning today! What side do you want to be on during the next recession? The side hurting because they don’t have enough money because they did not invest? Or the side that is giving the hurting side a place to live and securing their financial future? It’s an easy choice!


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