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Simon Sinek has a wonderful book and Ted Talk on the importance of starting with why. This topic is extremely relevant when it comes to running a successful Group Home Business. You probably have a clear idea of what you want to do with your business, and you are on our site learning how, but the piece that is often forgotten is the “why”. We want to make sure that your why is front and center.

Group Home Riches Example

Here is the power of starting with why. I am going to give you two different examples of how a company can frame their marketing message. If you read Simon Sinek’s book or you watch his video you see him break this down using Apple.

Typical Message

At Group Home Riches we consult people on how they can use real estate to create group homes. We do this by using digital products like eBooks and video courses to educate others.

The above description is how most companies talk about what they do. They will tell you what they do and how they do it and most will never mention why they do it.

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Our Message When We Start With Why

Everyone needs help and we should always be willing to pull others up. Group Home Riches educates others on how they can become wealthy focused on helping others. Learn how to create a group home business.

There is a clear difference between the two examples above. The first is not enticing at all, whereas the second connects you to a deeper mission. Everyone has a strong reason why they start any business but we can’t let that message get lost because the customer will also become lost.

I will not make this post long at all, but these are the types of things that we will help you with when you build your business. We have learned a lot, made and seen every mistake in the book. We just want to take that knowledge and help you make an extra $5000 per month and then give you the keys to keep growing it yourself from there.

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