One Mans Trash Foreclosure Is Another Mans Treasure


I will buy 30 – 40 or so homes like this (buy foreclosures) in 2018. These houses may look like trash, but with a bit of knowledge you can turn them into TREASURE. Yes, foreclosures can be your GOLD

Let me give you an idea of what can be done with a foreclosed house like this and for what price you can pick up foreclosures for depending on your city

                              This foreclosed property was purchased for $28,000.

I will spend probably $10,000 on labor and another $5,000 – $10,000 on materials fixing it up. Rounded up, this house will cost me roughly $50,000 when it is all said and done. The final value? Probably $130,000 on the low  to $160,000 on the high. To me, it really doesnt matter. What matters is the income that it will generate.



Market Rents would be about $1,200 / month

Buy Distressed Real Estate For Income
How to buy Distressed and foreclosed Real Estate For Income

Whether you want to use foreclosed houses like this for your group home or care home business, rent them out, sell them on terms or flip them for cash –

                                                  YOU HAVE A LOT OF OPTIONS. 

This website is dedicated to showing people like you how to set up and operate gr0up homes. One part of the wealth building formula that I teach is


                                            FINDING FORECLOSED PROPERTIES

like this, fixing them up and then holding onto them.


Look, the houses dont even need to be foreclosures. They could be short sales or simply distressed property. Another secret is knowing WHERE to look. If you are in Los Angeles, chances are you are going to have a tough time finding foreclosures at the moment. The banks are holding onto them. So you need to look elsewhere. But once you find the location – AKA your farm area, you can find an ABUNDANCE of motivated sellers. Just remember, the window of opportunity usually doesnt last long. Heck, just look at Detroit!

In a nutshell, you need to learn how to market for these types of properties. After you learn how to find them, you need to learn how to fund them.


                                               After that comes the HARDEST PART.

                        Learning how to fix them without getting taken advantage of.

                                                   YES. THE CONSTRUCTION ASPECT

This is where most people lose their asses. The final part is EASY. Renting, Selling or Financing them out.

I have compiled all of this in my step by step system. Continue checking in on the Blog or simply sign up for my FREE, 10-Step GROUP HOME COURSE


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buy foreclosures and make money
Learn to Buy Foreclosures and turn them into income

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2018 – What is your Group Home Game Plan

This Group Home Room = Your Retirement

Group Home Room
Group Home Room

(THIS ONE ROOM in our Group Home = Over $1,500 in NET MONTHLY INCOME)

Hi ,

I’m putting up this Group Home Blog Post this Saturday afternoon with 1 tip and 1 inspirational story.

Group Home TIP #1

Group Home Automation. When you get your first group home up and going, furnished and making money your next step is to AUTOMATE. One of the easiest ways of automating is setting up your website and marketing systems to produce inbound leads for you while you sleep.

  • You can do this by coming up with a group home marketing flyer and 10-15 pre-scripted emails that go out to the nurses, case workers, social workers and doctors in you area one to two times per month.
  • You can set this up on auto-pilot using any old email system. Total cost Free – $99/month depending on how advanced you want it to be.
  • We actually include group home campaigns like this targeted toward disabled vets and other similar areas that you can use to build up your client base. All of this is included in my GOLD COURSE and you can literally just copy, past and change your company name and contact #. The calls will start rolling in in order to get your group home occupancy full and generating income ASAP.

Group Home TIP#2.

I have been absolutely slammed the last 6-9 months working on new projects – all primarily recent real estate acquisitions (in order to add more Group Homes to the portfolio) The past few weeks, my family and I decided to head out of town for a small break (quicker flight than Hawaii)- and so I am here right now writing this from my phone. The trip will cost a small fortune – but let me tell you a great inspirational story. Just last night one of my Group Home Managers told me he had received a call from a case worker needing to house a special needs client. We signed the guy up on a $3,500 three month contract. My margins on just that one client will probably be close to 90% because we will not be paying for food, and the social services agency is covering his gas, water and electric. Not bad! I just paid for half my trip with just one client without doing much if any work at all.

This is the power of the GROUP HOME AND HALFWAY HOME business. There are literally millions of people that need a place to live. I show people, step by step in my GOLD COURSE exactly how to do this and automate it so that you too can travel the world while others pay You!



Dont believe me?? Or dont think you can do it?? Think again! You CAN DO IT!

Send me an email and lets talk!


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