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What is CWT and how does it allow me to open a Veteran Group Home?

You will hear this over and over in our articles. You need to NICHE to get rich. Well, remember, within “niches” you also have “sub-niches.” So you are obviously interested In real estate. Otherwise, you would not be on this website.

Real estate is a niche. You have evaluated many different real estate options or opportunities including “flipping” and “wholesaling, ” but for some reason or another, they just aren’t for you. You might have realized that a lot of these so-called “flippers” really aren’t making much money at all. Maybe you have realized that many of them are possibly buying correctly, but then getting taken advantage of by the contractors.

Maybe they are buying precisely, have the contractors in place to do the work, but they are paying out 13% hard money interest (Not including the up-front points!) and have no money left-over after selling. Heck, maybe they have cheap financing in place, great contractors and they are buying right…..but they do not have any retail buyers. Wow! See how much can go wrong in this equation?  Heck, maybe they have the retail buyer already lined up, the contractors are great, they bought the property for cash with an equity partner and they are in it at 70% LTV…….but now the federal government is shut down and the govt. backed loan programs have been put on hold!

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Well, if you look around at the wealthiest guys out there – Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Donald Sterling, etc. you will find that these guys are not asset traders. As a general rule, they are looking to get their initial investment back in as short a period as possible. After that, they are essentially playing with the house’s money. So what does any of this have to do with finding your niche?

Well, group home, transitional living homes, care homes, sober homes and other “care-related” group homes are a niche within the real estate industry. Now, if you want to focus in on a “sub-niche” of this sector, you could begin targeting particular types of people. One great niche to target are the returning veterans that need housing!

Why not help out not only your community but also your country and provide group homes and housing for this population?

Programs for Veteran Group Home Owners

Great question. And the more you learn about these programs, the more you begin specializing in a niche. Much the same way doctors specialize in orthopedics, dermatology, etc. you can now begin specializing in VA group homes that provide housing for veterans. Quite possibly, you may specialize in providing group homes for disabled veterans. Another niche.


 The CWT program stands for compensated work therapy. Veterans in the CWT program are paid for vocational re-training. They are then provided a group home environment (THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!) so that there rent is paid for.  For example, let’s say that you live in Colorado and you are interested in helping out veterans and providing group home transitional living for them. You would want to check out this link

and then reach out to the primary point of contact at the local VA to make your introduction. How do you know whom the person is that you need to speak with about opening up your group home for vets or even disabled vets? It would be Jack Freeman, in Colorado Springs! How do we know? Because we have done the research and can help you with this!


 GPD is the VA’s  grant per diem program which pays you a daily rate for each veteran that you provide housing for at your transitional living or group home!  From the governments website:

“ For supportive housing, the maximum amount payable under the per diem is $43.32 per day per Veteran housed. Veterans in supportive housing may be asked to pay rent if it does not exceed 30% of the Veteran’s monthly-adjusted income. “

Again, the goal and mission of group home riches is to provide you with the information that will allow you to become rich not just financially, but spiritually as well. By providing housing for veterans you would receive $1,299.60 per veterans for each 30 day month. Now, assuming you are providing housing for 7 veterans in one of your homes, you would have a gross income of $9,097.20! This is why there are riches in the niches!


 The government’s goal is to end homelessness, and they are looking for you to help them out. Don’t believe it? Just check out the number of RFP’s for contracting opportunities with the VA! They have MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars budgeted to assist with this…..and the best part? Even if there is not a formal RFP in place, they still need people like you to assist with providing group homes and transitional living in a residential environment for vets and disabled vets


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