Start The Group Home Journey With Why

Simon Sinek has a wonderful book and Ted Talk on the importance of starting with why. This topic is extremely relevant when it comes to running a successful Group Home Business. You probably have a clear idea of what you want to do with your business, and you are on our site learning how, but the piece that is often forgotten is the “why”. We want to make sure that your why is front and center.

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Do You Tap Dance to Work? If You Don’t Make a Change

When your alarm goes off in the morning what do you feel? What runs through your mind? Are you happy? Or do you often wish your life played out much different? Do you always wish you could just go back to bed? These are the questions you need to answer because they will decide whether you pass or fail the tap dance test. The tap dance test is a quick way to figure out whether you are living a fulfilling life or not.

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