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5 Jun 2017 by ">Admin

According to the general belief material, things can’t make us happy. Then, why would somebody spend 5000 dollars on a dress or half a million on a car if that is not making them happy?

What matters is not the dress or the car, but it’s the way they make us feel. That is why the car you bought 5 years ago is not pleasing you in the same way it used to when you just bought it.

How many times did you fall in love with a piece of clothing and the moment you saw the price tag you got angry or disappointed? And you said to yourself: “This is too much!”

Nothing is too much if it feels good.

So, we got to my point, material things matter to us and make us feel good.

Ten years ago I was working a 9 to 5 job. Sometimes I had to stay longer and work on weekends. Often times I would get stuck in traffic on my way home.

So, by the time I get home, I would be so tired and frustrated. On the top of that, I didn’t have much time left to do the things I enjoy.

Even when I had the time I couldn’t buy the clothes that I wanted or book a luxury room with an ocean view. So I was wasting my life on a job that was not paying for the pleasures that would make me happy.

Is your job paying for the things that make you happy?

Then I realized that I need to work hard, but for myself. Not for others. I decided that I am not going to pay for my boss’s luxury cruise and not be able to afford mine. That’s how I started my first group home.

Prior to starting my own business with Group Homes, I would buy the things that I can afford. Now I can buy the things that make me feel good regardless the price tag.

It feels so good that I can’t help myself but try to convince you that you should do the same.

I worked so hard until I turned “expensive into cheap”. Now I don’t even have to work that hard anymore. I can fully enjoy material things because I have the time and the money.

Are you ready to turn expensive into cheap and live your life to the fullest?


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